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More Typography

New typography.
Words that desciribes what typography really are.

"Typography is when you
are writing many different
words that makes no sense"

LOVE IT :heart:

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The idea is awesome! :) That *makes* though... **twitch twitch**
12CArt's avatar
This just catches the eye...........a class in the power of presentation :)
wellgraphic's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
SnowNightFall's avatar
You've been featured on my typography blog on Tumblr. This is really great!
wellgraphic's avatar
Oh what a wonderful news
Please link me!
dekadentfuture's avatar
you have been featured at , keep up the good work! :)
wellgraphic's avatar
OH! Thank you SO much!
So glad and I promise you that I will! :)
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I really like this but I disagree with the words.
Typography should be easily readable and make sense. >>;
wellgraphic's avatar
Great, why? Can't you see?
Aya-Soran's avatar
It was to hard to read. >>;
Unless that was the message you were trying to get across?
wellgraphic's avatar
oh, no I don't think it's that hard to read?
Everyone could read it with no problem cause I have'nt heard anything like your opinion..
Whatever, maybe some can't read it, I could'nt read it well in the beginning either by the way but in the time I learned how to look
Aya-Soran's avatar
Well I pulled it up in class and asked them if it was just me and everyone agreed that it was difficult to read.
"Typography is when you..... we had that fine. It seemed the Are is unnaturally placed and it was equally as difficult to read the rest of it. and the Makes was grammatically incorrect. >>;
We liked it once we figured out the words and my teacher mentioned that maybe it was a word puzzle?
wellgraphic's avatar
YES It Is a word puzzle!
That´s the point! gah x)

Hehe nice that you pulled it up for your class, awesome :thumbsup:
Thanks for discussing, but you're wrong, hah ;D
joking, Take care (:
zwischenhimmelunderd's avatar
yeah - featured: [link] -> "Wortküche" (means: word-kitchen) -> "Hier wird es interaktiv..." <- with credit-link on it :floating:
wellgraphic's avatar
Oh sweet!
But I can't see mine..
zwischenhimmelunderd's avatar
:whisper: I think just one 'click' more you will ;-)

"Hier wird es interaktiv..." is a button too: *click* on it (or end of text "Weiterlesen ->" :blahblah: ) and then...

:invisible: -> :winner:
wellgraphic's avatar
sorry can't find it.. hmm
zwischenhimmelunderd's avatar
:frustrated: "hmm..." indeed. That's strange :spyed:

Here we go: You click my site [link] -> then:last button on header, called "Wortküche" -> then you click ON THE TITLE of the article (there is only one!), one of the words "Hier wird es interaktiv..." -> and - olé - must find it (I did while typing this...)
wellgraphic's avatar
Oh there I see it!

Thanks a lot man
Follow me
And just keep doing this, so amazingly happy for that :)

Take care
Greetings from sweden
Cucumber-girl's avatar
Very dramatic, and I love the gradation of the background tone.
wellgraphic's avatar
Thanks a lot! (:
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