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HORSEPOWER Wallpaper-Pack by wellgraphic



Concept based on the knowledge that we often are underestimating
animals role & abilities. This is something we need to respect and
also when it comes to riding a motorcycle and it’s furious amount
of power right under you. Magestic black running horse combined
with a rapid fast motorcycle, that’s about it, true horsepower.

Enjoy, Share and Love

I hope that this will be loved and enjoyed a lot
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First of all, I have to agree that yes, this is indeed a very creative piece. It's a very clever concept, and the fact that the horse and the bike are both black, not to mention the highlights being red, make the manip very realistic and very smooth.

That being said, however, the overall artwork looks a bit 'top heavy'. The horse part looks very bulky compared to the slender motorbike parts. To ease the transition, perhaps merge the horse further ahead of the bike. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the impression that you are trying to show how a horse can explode from a bike, in order to capture the strength and beauty of a horse. To me though, the manip looks like a hybrid organic-mechanic creature (this might be what you're going for though, I didn't find anything specific in your artist's comments).

If you are going for a hybrid creature, I would suggest perhaps implementing more mechanical parts along the horse, fading it out as you approach the head, because while the colour transition is very smooth, the transition between animal and machine seems a bit more abrupt.

If, however, you are going for the 'horse exploding from bike' type of work, I would have personally liked to see the mechanical parts literally flaking off the horse - there are a lot of car ads where a cheetah or some other speedy animal rapidly morphs into a car. Those ads communicate very powerful messages of feral speed and wildness, and are very good sources of inspiration.

Another thing that my nitpicky side fussed over was the lack of harmonisation in movement between the two parts. The bike wheel spooks are blurred, suggesting that it is traveling at a very high speed, but the horse merely looks as though it is jumping leisurely through the air. What might have perhaps looked better would be if you blurred the forelegs in the typical 'motion blur' effect, and also added some flecks of foam along its mouth (racehorses foam a lot at the mouth when galloping).

Overall though, very nice work. I love the orginality of it. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>