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Apple iOS 7 Redesign


This is how I think the iOS 7 icons should look like



I'd love to have your feedback!

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Free to use for personal use, not allowed to modify and show off without credit and asking for my permission.
Credits, shares and mentions is warmly appreciated.


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Brilliant job, however I do believe that flat design is being heavily overused. Nevertheless, keep up the good work!
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Amazing thanks! Indeed, in some situations it's not the best solution when thinking user experience.
Absolutely I will, Cheers!
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Awesome work. It looks so smooth. That's what I like ... clean & minimalistic. Congrats ! +fav 
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i like it when people think about their designs.
good job (Y)
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Huge thanks, much appreciated!
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Amazing job, with the exception of App Store and Music. They look messy, and I don't think the icon itself is appealing. The classic tools look would be better for the appstore, and iTunes should be the same as music just with a different color.
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Thanks a lot! Could agree, I just think that the existing App Store and iTunes store is boring and especially the App Store as childish/immature
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But if Apple had done this to iOS, the OS would be boring and unappealing to many consumers. 
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That may be your opinion, thanks for the comment.
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Excellent redesign.
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Many thanks! Glad for it!
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I just cant wait for the jb to come out and get rid of the silly icons and use yours they are truly very well made gr8 effort people apple should learn something from this.
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Thanks so much man! If you want it yourself and get it out through a theme or anything
you can find it here in high quality PSD… Thanks for the comment!
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waiting for the jailbreak to come out then definitely would get these awesome icons
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I couldn't agree more. The new icons are ugly, they used way too much gradient, and only some of them have a flat design while others have a completely different style (like the 3D bubbles you mentioned), it just doesn't fit. The Safari Icon, Game Center and Mail app are probably the worst. It doesn't look like Apple to fail at design.
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Thanks for your feedback, glad you liked it!
Agreed they failed, big and dissapointing..
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Omg, makes total sense. The redesign is so much better! If I had an iPhone I would definitely try to acquire this. Haha. Great job! Ingenuity at its best! :)
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Huge thanks for this! Glad you liked it! :) :star:
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Well done, It does look better than iOS 7! That's what I call minimalism.
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HUGE thanks! Please share and enjoy the icon set if you like! :star:
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