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very nice, love the concept
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neat. this pic is fun to look at for more. he removes his jacket to reveal none but the sky below. but who are the others who are seen only in the shadow?

nice work! :-)
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the others are here to help but all they can do is to wait.

this was painted as a gift for minesota project where i have had practical work for my psychology studies. so this pic is more an illustration for "how many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb? just one, but the bulb will have to be ready to change"
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…and i thought this all was just about a seasonal mood change.
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change yes, but rather periodical than seasonal
and this is not just “just”, it's more complicated.
that was me ripping off something i had and thought it was mine. more than that, i thought it was me. but it wasn’t. it was the way someone else wanted me to be. they wanted me to feel dark, feel quilty, wanted me to keep wearing that. but i’m different. i have soul full of blue cloudy sky even if they felt more comfortable while thinking i am naightly black. it was all about me being myselft. about stopping blaming myself for what i was blamed for and just being myself.
ogh, difficult...
it was easier to say it was painted as a gift for minesota project..
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your response shows so much depth. it gives this pic a lot more meaning than i had originally seen. thank you for your replies!
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