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Hello everyone! Welcome to ILiveToCosplays main page~!
This is for group photo's and updates on cosplay and many other things~!
Smash mainly uses this account for her own liberty, soo please bare down with us and enjoy what we have in store for you~!

We all enjoy anime quite a bit, maybe some more than others, or even equally.
What is great about our cosplay group is that we are made of many different things.
We have different likes and tastes, but it all comes down to us being on big happy
group because we know how to understand each other more than anything.

Many surprises are on the way, so be on the look out. You'd be surprised on what
waiting will do for you. We do hope you enjoy what we have to offer and remember, keep on smiling~!

Favourite Movies
Harry Potter, Eragon,
Favourite TV Shows
Wizards of Waverly Place, Touch, Legend of Korra, Avatar; The Last Airbender, Ouran HSHC, Kuroshitsuki 1-2
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Flyleaf, BVB, Evanescence, Linkin' Park, Three Door Down, Greenday
Favourite Writers
J. K. Rowling
Favourite Games
Skrim, Oblivion, Bubblebox, DDR, Pokemon (All the older/old games), Legend of Zelda
Other Interests
I love Cosplaying, Photography, Writing, Dancing like a goof, and Singing
 For quite sometime now I have been very inactive! I sincerely apologize for this great delima. BUT HERE I AM BACK AGAIN TO SHROUD YOU ALL IN LOvE! The past months I have been through too much to handle, and quite honestly? It might not ever stop. Or soon anyways. So, I may or may not be coming back fully due to these issues. And if that is the case, I shall try to satisfy everyone's needs for new stuff to look at! Cosplay. This has become something of the past for me. No, I'm not saying I have fully given up cosplaying, but I simply do not do it as much anymore. I will however try to bring it back slowly, buuuut I need to find a
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I know. It's not like me to take these... But everything for me has been rather... Well terrible on my part and I'm not really in the mood for anything. If it wasn't something terrible, than it wouldn't be taking one. But since it's affecting my health, I'm needing the time away. Anyways, see you guys later~
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~cielishappyplz ( !Cosplay Contest/Game! :iconsebastianplz: So! Yesterday a picture of Smash was posted wearing a blonde wig. Now the awkwardness of the wig indicates something strange. It's no longer styled the old way!  Which was Alois's somewhat style of hair In fact! It was styled a whole new way! Also, the picture is tilted with a "Wip!" It also indicates that it is a Surprise Cosplay! :icongrellhurrplz: Now, some of the members (rather new ones actually) have decided they are going to cosplay from the series too! Let's just say, It's going to be awesome. Now! Here is what we are going to do! More of a contest really! If y
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Thanks for the watch!
Ashley- It's Keri. :) I made a different account
Aaah you are just too cute ;___; Thanks for those lovely words and your watch :3333
I just return one because I really think you are good looking in your cosplay :3333 I am glad I made you happy with these words :hug:
N-Nuh! >//< I not nonono :iconkittyglompplz: But you is welcome~! :3333
You deserve it all! Yus yus x'3
And thanks so much~~!! :iconfoxblushplz: I dun really feel the same way about it, 
badcosplayisbadlol. But, thank you oh so very much! You are just so asdfghjkl;

So thank you again! Thankyouthankyouthank~ :333333
Sailor Gucici and Chanel La Emoticonhappy birthday!!!  Phobos and Deimos La Emoticon