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October 19, 2005
His world is under anesthetic
Subdivided and synthetic
His reliance on the giants
In The Science of the Day
by *welder
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The Science of the Day

One of my favorite photos that I've taken in awhile. It just kind of makes me happy. The title is a reference to a Rush song, "Digital Man."

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.
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PENTAX Corporation
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1/125 second
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Date Taken
Mar 22, 2003, 2:58:36 AM
© 2005 - 2021 welder
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fenwad's avatar
hey, i love this pic, nice work...another to the favs...
Ruvsk's avatar
beautiful ...
pdtnc's avatar
he's laughing at you.... he see's your squares, he see's you reflecting.... he's in the back of your mind... that subtle giggle that itches at your bones.

*been a while since I wrote something like that about a peice.

nice shot
welder's avatar
Oh...and all this time I thought he was laughing with me....

waldemar-pfordte's avatar
great composition! good shot! =)

Congrats on the DD... =D
Magical-Night's avatar
Great photo, great composition :)
krush's avatar
great photography !
midnightlennor's avatar
very uses usual photographic elements in an unusual, which is unsetling in it non conformity...but beautiful to the eye
Point--And--Shoot's avatar
simply stunning. congrats. +fav.
londn's avatar
oh yerba buena..

how i miss the city by the bay.
la-feuille's avatar
Art! You've done it again :) why do i enjoy your photographs so much ?? :))))
when you get a book published (i'm assuming you will) you'll have to let me know, i'd be first in line to buy it !! :D

This particular photo brings up very bright but also crazy things :) it's sort of like this mad crazy scientist screaming something like "it's alive!!!" . But i also love how the focus is set off the poster and it leads the eye wander along the glass window into that neat wall

doesn't that black dot on his cheek bother you? i guess i can live with it :)
welder's avatar
I thought briefly about cloning out that "dot", but in the end I decided to leave it for a few reasons. In print size it's easier to see that's it's actually a point of attachment for the banner, and it's also easier to see the other two attachment points. I felt like they just added a little bit extra oddness to the photo, especially the way that one was seemingly punching a whole in the man's cheek...and hopefully this would invite the viewer to inspect a little closer. So I left them in :)
werol's avatar
very impressive ;)
arumunus's avatar
When I first saw this through the DD, I thought it was a man gone crazy, having to be subdued through drugs in a special prison cell. I was really surprised to find it was a business man.
welder's avatar
Who knows, maybe it's a business man who's gone crazy ;)
intenziv21's avatar
Very delicate !! I would say awesome ! It maight be a nice cd cover.
digitalman's avatar
*steals his theme song back* :shakefist:

Hmm, you've got the contrast and colors perfect. And it's a very intriguing perspective.
welder's avatar
:lol: Sorry, didn't mean to steal your theme song.
Idaoppen's avatar
that guy's expression makes me happy too.
beautiful lines and composition
cellovixen's avatar
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