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What is Welcome to Neo Robia?


Welcome to Neo Robia 3
When Josie escapes from her abusive captor she is teleported to a city where a robot called Chaos Croc find her and informs her that he is the leader of this city.

She try's to get settled in this new world only things aren't quite what they appear to be. It seems if you are organic based life form you are second rated civilian unless you have villainous streak.

Will she be able to return home or turn into something monstrous in the process?


Neo Robia: EP 1 Part 1 by MamaJebbun Neo Robia: EP1 Part 2 by MamaJebbun Neo Robia: EP 1 Part 3 by MamaJebbun




:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:All artwork and writing must be related to Neo Robia in some context. If you are making a OC to be a minion, rival ruler, or freedom fighter please make it clear in your artist description or the artwork/piece of writing itself.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen: All artistic skills levels are welcome. This also means style as well. As much as the character's are drawn in the sonic style we support other styles as well.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:Most artwork may be classed as mature due to fetish like content. Examples like Mind Control, Robotization, Bondage and other stange peril like content are scattered though the club. These submissions also may not have mature content labeled due to it being soft core. This is warning: if you dislike this sort of artwork and it may be best if you don't go though the gallery.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:We will not accept stolen artwork; the stealing of characters and hate art is also prohibited.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:Please submit to the right folder. If you don't it shall be declined.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:Submit as much as you want but please remember it will have to be voted to be a part of the club.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:To be part of the featured folder you will have to get 3 votes from the admins. This folder is for pieces with highly skilled work, a unique style, or a very thought out piece of work.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen: Lastly please try not to role play on the submissions, journals, or the main page. If you want to role-play we have a twitter and facebook group for doing so. The reason for this rule is due to some artists disliking this content on there work. Comment on the submission, don't be rude and start a battle on there page with there character.




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NR2: The Unwanted Episode!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 2, 2017, 6:12 AM

HURHURHURHURHUR! ONCE AGAIN, I HAVE RETURNED TO PRESENT YOU WITH A NEW EPISODE THAT... actually isn't an episode. In fact, it's complete nonsense. Like learning the entire lore and backstory, only to realise none of it's being used. Or waking up to realised you're not sleeping in a bed, but a giant dog's fur. That kind of nonsense. The kind that keeps you up all night wondering how we even got there, why we're doing these things and where your pants even are.

But enough of that, because what I just said is completely irrelevant. What you should be doing instead? Not... watching this obviously, but you can do so anyway!…

I know I'm one day late on this. Trying to finish this in time was a bit more difficult than I thought. :C Still, I hope you all enjoy it. Unless you don't.

Then I'll cry.

And then break into your house and steal your favourite shirt.


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