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:star::star::hexentanz:HELLO AGAIN FOLKS!!!:hexentanz::star::star:
a happy and successful new year to everybody!!!
after a very long work-related break, i'm back again to serve you with the finest artwork from dA's vector gallery.
i collected pieces of many different categories and techniques to show the variety of our beloved vector-art.
here we go with the first issue of 2009:

Edward Scissorhands by ZELenoglazka'Goodevening' girl by Adella12Ganesha Ohm - New version by Cuman
Braineater by govnopicturesHell, Heavy, Havoc by SmoothQ:thumb108632027:
'LIKE A ROSE ' by Noyna01All Cried Out by NaBHaNINTEAL Wine Jazz Bistrot by prop4g4nd4
:thumb108745395:magic by jeffgraffit2009 Year of the Ox by canadian-angel7
:thumb108777169:obama v.2 by ben35danKream by KWESTONE
Kristin Lana Kreuk by theyasmanfrito by rauldrawsFerny by RenattoDesign
:thumb108896297:war is started by REBHUZZLe Noir Dans Le Blanc by crcarlosrodriguez
Loving Lamprey Bear by pseudo-manitouBoy Howdy by marywinklerAnd That's the Word by I-Like-It-Juicy
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 40 21
:w00t::highfive: HEY GALS AND GUYS!!! :highfive::w00t:
hope everyone's fine and had a great weekend.
i now show you our latest collection of awesome vector art from the last 2 weeks. please take your time and FULL VIEW, all those deviations are really worth a closer look!!! here we go:

Happy Wedding 2 by nigaoe:thumb99403125:
:thumb99409677:Pop Life by jussta:thumb99422883:Le Chapeau Noir by CrisVector
CAFFEINATED Calf by Jaguarchic98Electric Scarletine for Audley by DrewGreenEven Yetis get Brain Freeze by cronobreakerGangster by CrisVector
Mesh by 9r3K0Slay the dragon by recycledwaxSuicide Girl.... by CharadaBrasileiroSomething is coming by recycledwax
Poker Night by bennyd302Gemini by phoenixVectorLoveBots by KDLIGOm nom nom by shebid
:thumb100131739:Santa Hat Cat... by CharadaBrasileiroRough v2 by SpritzTheVikSsttt... by yudhiecavalera
Fight Circle by KaljaiaCrystal tear by VikasuperstarGirl-3 by ZELenoglazkaFairy tale 'Geese-swans' by Anhen1
Vector-Artists is a club for vector and vexel artists. We have a strong focus on promoting our member's work and providing many fun projects and res
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 41 19
theSIGNer-screen by cybaBABE theSIGNer-screen :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 11 0 I LOVE TO LOVE by cybaBABE I LOVE TO LOVE :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 6 2 PROMISE by cybaBABE PROMISE :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 9 5 STRAWBERRY HEART CAKE by cybaBABE STRAWBERRY HEART CAKE :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 20 6 PUDDING by cybaBABE PUDDING :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 17 18 CAKE by cybaBABE CAKE :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 23 19 CHERRY PIE by cybaBABE CHERRY PIE :iconcybababe:cybaBABE 71 43
:sun: HI VECTOR-LOVERS! :sun:
here we go with the PEOPLE-FEATURE. this was the one with the MOST suggestions so far. here are the awesome selections from our members:
featured by hermanmunster

featured by Vashtastic
Blood and Absinthe by umidelmare:thumb15415765:Japan by kaneda99DOCTOR WHO FINISH by kgreene
Alice in my Wonderland by aliceterraneo:thumb63179588:Mohawk by pamanjeeSneaky Peaky by Asher-BeeRepublican Woman 2 by roberlan
Butcher Knife Girl by CreatuncoNature is beauty by Reallyfreshriceball
featured by cd-marcus
:thumb99011224:Sunshine Flows Softly by kilxover:thumb27437925:Glossy by NuriaScarlett by verucasalt82
:thumb47094055:.: Angelina Jolie :. by turpintegrating the differences by LeoHutterRhythm of the night by ColourfoolCecilia Vector by ddsoul
Girl Flower by ColourfoolAdriana by RasheezyC:thumb28324503::thumb23995936:Autumm kills butterfly by Marutanielle
Apnea Valentine by akunastyle:thumb27969699:The Collaborators by ChewedKandiPaper Moon by Vashtastic:thumb51182143:
Dessert by CrisVector:thumb56507652:Redhaired in vectors by RefsChinese Girl by mashi by GruberJan
Pin-Up Nurse by CrisVector:thumb
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 69 48
:highfive: HIGH FOLKS!!! :highfive:
here comes our latest collection of excellent vector-art from last week.
FULL VIEW is always recommended!!!
let's have a look at the vectors now:

Mutafukaz 2 by ntamakRolls Royce Phantom by BenFerreol
Cupcake by ssstLovprotector by ntamak:thumb98050849:Fashionista by BlissInMyCoffee
Return of the King by Vealcutletz:thumb98075970:backstage by rhidz:thumb98085919:
:thumb98096348:Jaguar E-Type by VectorJoneshardcore poster by albertooPincher... by CharadaBrasileiro
chopper by chaoticmindCANDYgod by vinismassive:thumb98192867:heavenXhell by jujun
:thumb98206087::thumb98209850:and i'm still by balung:thumb98231750:
SlurpBot 3.0 by cronobreaker:thumb98278594::thumb97542874:Whoopzdaisy by whoopzdaisy
:thumb98624302:Scissor by rjonesdesign
To join Vector-Artists simply send a note with "Join" in the subject header. To submit vector or vexel art send a note with "Submission" in the subject header. Instead of sending a link to your deviation, please provide the thum
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 38 22
:sun:HEY EVERYBODY!!!:sun:
it's vector-time again!!! we have a very nice and tiny collection this week.
please take your time and visit the artists! FULL VIEW IS RECOMMENDED!
here we go again:

Grand theft auto Shelby cobra by jimjazLysergic Morning by loveandwarmediaUntuk Saras by TraceLandVectorie03sncl board by dacreativegeniusJames Hetfield of Metallica by under18carbon
The Gerli seat cushion by Kopanitsak:thumb97037383:Seraphine by DeeRoseKiss Candy.... by CharadaBrasileiro:thumb97722599:
Elisha Cuthbert by VinshArtrealistic vector metal watch by xijun:thumb97761422:Ferrari Dino by AlexGDleCoCo by Surround
:thumb97814877:A walk by MuliLiquid Paper by thebottomGreen Man - Smooth by EvincarOfAutumn
To join Vector-Artists simply send a note with "Join" in the subject header. To submit vector or vexel art send a note with "Submission" in the subject header. Instead of sending a link to your deviation, please provide the thumb code (It's in your deviation info and will look like this : thumb12345678 : )
have a look at our past issues and artist fe
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 34 17
:sun:HI FOLKS!!!:sun:
after a long time of absence, here comes our latest collection of excellent vector art from YOU! FULL VIEW is recommended!!!

China Clipper Pilot II by VectorProfessor:thumb96729945:Die Hard Tribute by baung:thumb96763659:Kymberly Jane by sqt
Sai-Sai Vector by KDLIGDownhouse by inverseoreosis:thumb96782168::thumb96782230:Damara Lynn by rjonesdesign
Falling Dreams by Minn:thumb96786657:dude' by chopstix1Toasty by PavelPaulSpigaweb dai tetti by Webmastru
Computer Arts Cover by schizophrenic-brainJim Morrison by markwasylshe's insult me by AYIBthe reflection by aisyahroziFOURSTAR FIGHTER FINISHED RGB by Jay-Michael-Lee
:thumb96905136::thumb96956072:Vector Self Portrait 2 by farinadeWoman Tattoo... by CharadaBrasileiroGhost by MetaMephisto
:thumb97178275::thumb97178776:Passion of nature by Ahmad9292scorpion kills many by neilakoga'ON WIND' by Noyna01
Self Portrait 2 by cLos71Village lady by satishverma
hope you all had a great summer so far! see you next week!!!
love and light by cybaBABE
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 49 34
hello again folks!
i'm still totally burned out from last weekend...
i've worked on a large festival for the last 4 days. (we had a cocktail bar and it was very very funny!!!)
so please don't be angry about this short-cut version.
here are the last weeks selections:

:thumb93954547::thumb93964501:_Lulu_ by Arakasu.... by DilomThe Evil Cheese Man by 6CreativeBrain9
Qee Doll Design by ChimericalBonesPink - Lady Delish by CharadaBrasileiroPure Beauty by fredesignFeeling a Moment by sqtBeluar-e-conjurin by jfe
have a great time and stay tooned for the next news!!!
best regards, cybaBABE
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 31 14
:w00t: HI VECTOR-LOVERS :w00t:
our story continues with the OBJECT features this week.
thanks to all members who sended us their suggestions ;) here we go:
featured by  satishverma

featured by  sir-rudolph

featured by  saru850

featured by  juneiL13

featured by  warren-thacker
:thumb98111473:Colt .357 by bandila
realistic vector metal watch by xijun
featured by  yudhiecavalera
lemon tea by yudhiecavalera
featured by  inumocca
SNEAKERS RUIN U by IkkoooG.A.M.E O.V.E.R by Ikkooo
featured by  AtixVector
Coffee-cup by alegasSacred George by LegartisVECTOR Illustrator Bulb by EmotikillScotch on the rocks - Mesh by enikOne
featured by  shortboy12
G.A.M.E O.V.E.R by Ikkoooart wars by antz81Thinking by YSR1Love Spray (1st place winner) by afrodshock:thumb31833837:
featured by  :devcd-marcu
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 12 5
:sun:HI FOLKS!:sun:
we're going on with our themed features series today ;)
this time we asked our members for "miscellaneous" suggestions.
here is this week's members choice:
featured by totallyblack:

featured by shortboy12:
lwtuaa by Okina-tyanUncle Skull by artm0nkey
The Hairy Tales by nurulz:thumb81933618:Watching the stars by LillemorGullWhite Matrix by weirdink'Boo.' by designslave:thumb72911357:
where oh where by loveshugah
featured by jussta:
hard way by gamaraiLove Infusion by Jules1983:thumb81045090:Wine by LillemorGullCommission for Raymond by mashi
featured by warren-thacker:
red boots by LindseyDuceArtI want to breath smoke by kdu-gamaChaos City by mAnTiz1:thumb96708558:Squow by pseudo-manitou
featured by dccanim:
:thumb35017355::thumb62896588:Hot Lips? by p34nutzDark Woman by misfitgirl:thumb86342010:
featured by Surround:
Rainbow by SeeminglyDepressed91Moon Walk by KDLIGEye by CleanYourAssspace invaders by RoninYorch:thumb96243105:
:iconvector-artists:vector-artists 32 28



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