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Safe Spaces Are Far From Safe by TheArtFrog 70 by Stu-Pixels Transmedicalist stamp by DaRk-Stamps Truscum by KittenDivinity Stamp: Not the child's fault by Azrael-Legna free pass by saltystamped

Hello! I used to have an account on deviantart a few years back and only now have I decided to return. Drawing is mainly a hobby for me but I would still like to improve. This is mostly just for fun! You can call me Moonside, Dart, or anything you'd like if you wanna talk at all.
i just hope to sell them, im really desperate for money so i can get something i really need to feel comfortable, coming from the standpoint of a trans guy. I would say what it is specifically, but it may be considered nsfw so that's why i am being vague, haha. Please help if you can. I need to save up a lot of money and I'm really trying not to go overboard with prices. Everything listed here is below $20, highest being $15 for the amount of time I worked on it.
thank you so much if you help out by commissioning me or buying my designs. I'm really starting to lose hope and I've broken down in front of my friends and boyfriend over it. This is just something I need to be happy, and atm drawings are the only way i can make money for myself but it hasnt been going all that well.
OPEN Furry Adopt by Welcome-To-Moonside
another open adopt by Welcome-To-Moonsideopen adopt by Welcome-To-Moonside

open adopt by Welcome-To-Moonside

open adopt by Welcome-To-Moonside


it's immensely bizarre to look at DeviantArt's front page and see drawings dedicated to Stan Lee next to fetish art
welp, just finished a uh gay ass adopt batch, spent a few days on them so i hope they can get sold!

otherwise there is a chance i may internally bawl my eyes out 
purge everything i made up to this point and everything i have become 
if that is even anything at all


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