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Featured DA ARTIST

Design by `shebid for *weknow's use only.

Featured DA ARTIST from you by you for everyone, you could also join in Part two, by comment in this pool weknow.deviantart.com/journal/… Please Sending artwork that you think it is the BEST, the BEAST, the BEAT, from you, i would love to featured you here....

by: Mister-Lou
this one,since it was the last Assignment i had in my Graphic Design Studies.it was the best one in the class

Mature Content

Book Cover Art Project by Mister-Lou

by: eugenedeloyola
The Empress by eugenedeloyola
This is the last vector I did. I think it's currently my best vector

by: DomiSM
Human Touch by DomiSM
This may not be my absolute favourite piece of mine, but I like the message it sends, and I had fun doing this

by: rizkipriya
thom yorke by rizkipriya
ini karya paling niat bikinnya setelah meditasi begitu lama
(this artwork has the most passionate because its created after took long meditation

by: saldeesign
Culture Attack by saldeesign
My favorite

by: BountyList collaboration with titoyusuf
Denyut Nadi Perkotaan - UNPAR by BountyList
karya paling niat tahun ini

by: rlhcreations
Avatar Vector by rlhcreations
I like this piece, because I think it's my best vector yet! I think I took it up a notch on this from my previous vectors. I'm very proud of it!

by: MirkoCamia
Numbers and Words::: by MirkoCamia

This took me about two days just to finish the hair font,, done manually in photoshop

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trimakasih banyak featurenya broo, maaf telat nyadarnya ehehehe
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fallenskillz's avatar
What's up Wino long time no chat ayyy =0).
weknow's avatar
ahaha yeahh fallen, im fine how are you
fallenskillz's avatar
Good thank you sir..how about yourself?
weknow's avatar
im fine too what ru doing lately
fallenskillz's avatar
Nothing much wino just been bussy lately..and I moved so I got dial up for now wich it sux...
weknow's avatar
ahahahah yeahhh, what you mean with dial up
fallenskillz's avatar
What's up Wino...Yeah, dial up home phone connection to connect to the net..
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saldeesign's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature Master..... :D

Listen to your heART
weknow's avatar
wah ada ada aja ada cendol segala
saldeesign's avatar
Hahaaa.... :lmao:
Kan buat juragan..... :giggle:

Listen to your heART
weknow's avatar
klo di kaskus dah punya kasih dong kakaka
saldeesign's avatar
Hahaaaa... Di kaskus cm jd penonton doank.... :lmao:

Listen to your heART
weknow's avatar
ahahah saya dah cendol ijo loh
rizkipriya's avatar
wohooo. thanks so much for the feature, thanks friend :dance: :beer:
weknow's avatar
happyyou happy
MirkoCamia's avatar
thanks mate!!!!really appreciate....:D
weknow's avatar
Mister-Lou's avatar
lot of cool stuff i see in here,thanks for the feature,Wino
weknow's avatar
sure any time my friend
rlhcreations's avatar
Great feature! Thanks so much for making me a part of it! :glomp:
weknow's avatar
sure happy to feature you
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