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natalie font by weknow

By weknow
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helo everyone, this font i dedicate to natalie, she just take a college studying math, and she is brilliant pencil artist on Deviantart, well you should visit here

well i hope you like it oke, and special for you natalie, thank you for always bring me happiness...good luck with everything you do at there and take care

this is the icon of :iconzenatz19: natalie....visit ok

and dont forget to always keep fun in everyday of your life
for what ever happen in your life...

good luck

All font Here, all donation acceptable to raise my creativity, and ill be appreciate, thank you all friend
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It's beautiful, Wino! I really love it, and I love the artist's comments as well! Really means a lot to me. :hug:
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thank you again natalie
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Yang ini bagus, mirip2 huruf sambung.
Yay, ketigax!
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yang kemarin belum sampai serantux udah ketigax lagi disini....selesaikan yang lamax, baru boleh buka thread barux
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terakhr sudah sampai berapa ya?
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coba di cek ke tkp gan, terakhir yang harus jawab juragan
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Gawat bos, alamat tkpnya ingat nggak? Saya nyasar nih!
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internet gua mode gprs lagi wax
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ingat nggak di journal atau di deviation?
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comment di font kasumi chan
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owh thankyou nanak
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u r welcome brother
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A lovely gift for a lovely and brilliant artist and writer; nice going, Wino!
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woooo you are first, thank you sphilr
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