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karitza font by weknow

can be found here [link]
and here [link]

i dedicated this to real miss typoland karitza, she is :iconms-typo: that i was vector her [link]

and if you want to use the font just klik download, and you will get the font

how to instal, just copy it to windows, and find font folder and paste at there, it will be automatically installed

well goodluck everyone, ihope you like it
mostly you karitza

donate me to raise my creativity
weknow Font \o/ font

[link] the happy face returns and you hear all my black hole show here [link]
ihope you like it
© 2009 - 2021 weknow
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Are your fonts only for Windows? I have a Mac, and I can't drag it into my font book. :(
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thank you very much daniel
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thank you very much
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its my plesure brother
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Awesome font - I'm sure there are some text art peeps / typographers who will love to use it.

Maybe you should make the full view a bit smaller? :D
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oh yes line i will
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Wow, this is lovely. I am very flattered. I feel special.
You did a very nice work!!! :thumbsup:
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thank you very much karitza
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Not only you are a god in vectoring, but creating font too! What do you eat to become like this!
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please say good dont god, im not god ahahah gilax
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Apalah bedanya kalau kurang satu huruf "o" doang! :D
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kan aku bukan god, itu mengerikan sekali, entar aku di sembah wakssssss
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yang disembah ilmunya, bukan orangnya! :D
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yah masih banyak ilmu yang kudu di bongkar gan, ini adalah hal seru untuk diperjuangkan dalam mendapatkan ilmu ceu ileeeeeeeeee garing watatitawwwwwww
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tapi yang sekarang juga sudah mantap!
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