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gembira font by weknow

can be found here [link]
and here [link]

donate me to raise my creativity
weknow Font \o/ font

Gembira is a word from Indonesian language, its mean : happiness

so this is happiness font i guess,
and i dedicated this font for my friend named Gembi, with his full and longest name Gembira putra agam

he is one of the Best Indonesian Journalist for music, culture, entertainment, and lifestyle.

he is also a multi talent person, having a freestyle jazz band called sungsang lebam telak, and many digital music project, such the amazing you, pemuda elektrik

you can visit his music website here [link]
here [link]
and also here [link]

anyway, i hope you like the font

and good luck everyone
featured in here [link]
by :iconunicornreality:
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I wanted to use this font to create album cover designs for my audio production library website. Am I allowed to do this?

The website will make money from the music it licences. However, it will not make money from the album artwork itself. 

The album artwork will be used as a visual representation of the emotiveness of the album.

Please advise
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donate to my paypal any amount should appropriate with your project business are accepted, after donation, i will send you legal permission for using gembira font :)
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thank you very much its very kind of you
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thank you musaromana
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This is an exquisite font :nod: Such elegant flowing lines!
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ooh thank you thank you very much snowmask
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ooh thank you very much
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