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chewedkandi font by weknow

Update with upper case fix lower case
can be found here [link]
and here [link]

donate me to raise my creativity
weknow Font \o/ font

i make this font for sharon :iconchewedkandi:

i was amazed by her work on vexel net that shutdown now

and there was a time i know her as vexelist (vexel artist)
she is the first generation of vexel artist with :iconsewwy:
:iconastridt: :iconnovembermeisje: and many more

now i see her do alot vector too

sharon is done alot tutorial for vector and vexel, many thing you can learn from her gallery

anyway, i hope everyone like this font, as you like sharon work

and dont forget, there is a people behind nick ~weknow
and he is in smile whenever he write every word of this

good luck everyone

much much fortune for you
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40 Best Fonts for Better Typography Designs

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May I ask how to upload a font on DeviantArt
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submit your font on resource & stock image
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Oooh, this one is very nice!!! :)
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ooh you are my inspiration lady
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Another fonts! Don't you get bored?
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ru fell bore to see that font, if you feel you bore, that might be im bored, and please tell me how do you feel to see that font
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I'm not bored, because I like them. But I wonder if you're bored making fonts one by one from a-z, 1-0 and the others...
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yay its just for text art or logotype purpose only, not for readable, as you can see its only available in capslock mode, if make capital case, so i dont make lower case, so in reverse too.....and if you download in dafont dot com you only find its in demo version, not full version...

since i know what if im bored will disturb other, so i keep make my self bussy

dengarin lagu sinchan, di lirik yang bahasa indonesia, pasti jadi ngerti, padahal gambar sinchan tuh jelek, tapi orang yang bikin nya bikin terus, jadi bagus aja

yah gitu deh aku mah generasi kartun bersemangat terus
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wah, semangat yang luar biasa! Mari kita rayakan dengan tari pat-pat! :D
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hey how do you make fonts?
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making it with coreldraw
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you don't use illustrator?
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not my priority but i can use illustrator
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This is the cutest font ever! And you are so sweet, as always, weknow! :dance:
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aww i get alot thing from you
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amazing and lovely display type *_*

levet it XD

*i've been out of the DA lately :p
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aww thank you very much assuka
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WOW! That's pretty darned cool!! Did you know you can make a load of money designing fonts? >.o
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i dont know, can you help me
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