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The Lord Draconian Anu

A while ago, I created an image of The Lord Anu, with green and pale green scales. Although, this image is very handsome, I feel that
I severely misunderstood royal ranking.
Draconians are that the very top and are white with wings and long tails.
Forgive me, my mistake.
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Lord Freiza=Lord Anu
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This is amazing!
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You are very welcome.
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I dont understand when i read sumerian tablets ( it was saying Anu is father of Enki and Enlil ( but Enki and Enli are pure blood Anunnaki)) ( so therfore Anu can not be Reptilian nor Draco ) ( he must be pure Blood Anunnaki himself) Curiosity Excaliburfaceplz (fixed) 

But awesome work Wink 3D 50x50 derp 
WeisseEdelweiss's avatar
In regard to this Anunnaki/Reptilian debate, I'm surprised it has still survived after all this time. I think it's a great fairy tale, but if Anu is Anunnaki then so be it, if he was suppose to be Draco then so be it - or perhaps that the anunnaki were some sort of reptilian alien race, I don't know. It's a good myth. But it's fun to create those myths in artwork. : )
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A brilliant piece!
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very cool work..colours are very nice..
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Thank you, this is an older piece, but I still think it's gorgeous.
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I think that..
You've gained his respect by showing him this wonderful artwork.
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Haha. Well Anu actually isn't a reptilian. I thought so a while ago listening to someone on youtube. But, the concept is quite beautiful so I kept it. I don't think there are any reptilians in existance that look like that. :P
Source: Universe
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I find Reptilians sexy, ALL of them. o.o it bad? I feel crazy! D:
Great drawing, sexy Reptilian, rawr! :iconicameplz:
WeisseEdelweiss's avatar
Heidi, I do not think you are a bad person for thinking reptilians are sexually attractive, however..
I'm not sure if you're from the furry community or not, but these people are not of this community, nor of the scale community.
These are real people. The furry and scale communities are pure fantasy.

Most races of reptilian are neither male nor female or are both.
I think that they have a nice build, too, and are not ugly, but I have several which are friends. I would never want to think of them sexually. Infact, most races out there will avoid you should you want a sexual relationship with them. Yet, it's better to love someone and to love them for who they are above all.

I am happy that you are happy with the artwork, none the less.
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I think its not a bad thing , to think that someone is sexy :)
just because you think that someone looks handsome/sexy does not mean you want sex with that person :)
I think Heidi thought of it in an admiring way not a sexual :)

PS: The Picture is very very beautiful, even if the Draco's look different, its still a stunning peace of Art, and I bet he's very happy with it after all :hug:
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Again great job! yea at the top royalty is usualy White,pink, light purple,& light blue scails.non royalty,warriors and slaves are darker colors dark green,& red,etc.. ^^
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I'm glad everyone is happy with this. It means so much to me to spread the knowledge of the Reptilians and Draconians.
visser3sEmpriss's avatar
Yep!! thank you for the Fav!
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They are AMONG US! Always have been.

Nice drawing :)
WeisseEdelweiss's avatar
Indeed they are. ^_^
What do you know of the Reptilians and Draconians? :3
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I know that there are in fact 13 reptoid families called the Illuminati(these are shapeshifters) and that they had another 300 families working with/for them, and those 300 families possess a high percentage of reptoid DNA (yet, they do not shapeshift and I'd like to add that I'm part of those 300 families, the Cameron Bloodline).

I know the reptoids are leading the world right now, they are showing up as our political leaders.
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Anu A.K.A. Lucifer the devil of men. Hay I'm related to this guy XD RH negative
WeisseEdelweiss's avatar
Mmm.. ;3
Really now. *kisses your cheek*


I must be too, I'm related to John F. Kennedy. o.o
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