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Draconian King Anu Is Summoned



Time: 37 Days
Tools: Photoshop CS2, Tablet

The beautiful Lizard Enity, King and Lord is summoned.


I love everything I did with this piece. Originally, I wasn't going to use teal and royal blue in place of it, but I think this definately kept Anu out of the focus, so I used a royal teal. It looks beautiful and works well as a background and foreground color meanwhile, not taking Anu out of the focus.
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You mean this isn't a rap video?
"Ah yes, where my lizards at? I'm pretty fly for a white guy!"
I would have thought that the Draconians, being based on Dragons and possibly angels, would make their supreme leader be titled like God Emperor of the Dragons or the Dragon Emperor, or Imperial Dragon God. But I don't know the exact mythology. I just thought that if it's oriented around dragons, it would be primarily Asian influenced with the dragon themes of Imperial royalty with some East European and Meso American (mayan, aztec, inca) thrown in. I guess if the Dragons are the Imperial race, the T rexes would be the lesser kings. 
BTW the Dracon Empire, is it decentralized Fuedalism, or is it Fascist and Unitary? Or is it more like Britain, in between? What kind of government? Centralized, Decentralized, I gotta know.