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Webshop is OPEN

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Ok, Wow. This has been an interesting year so far. My biggest concern being (aside from keeping myself and my family healthy) that I live off selling at markets.

And there isn't any markets here in Sweden since we're not allowed crowds over 50 people.

So my exhibiton this spring had closed doors. The April Market shut down - and my main income; the Medieval Week in Wisby, Gotland - is brought online as much as possible.

But showcasing a table full of glass over internet is quite hard. So I did a thing I should have done ages ago - I opened a webshop, finally.

TADAA! I add bits about once a week and the news first hit my Patreon (which also get first look, first pick and discounts plus personal updates, giveaways and other goodies! JOIN US; WE HAVE PIE!), then my Facebook Page. I keep forgetting Instagram. EEK.

Anyway, IF you feel like taking a look, do so - and learn more about me, my thoughts and what I currently have available. Right now I focus on items small enough to ship mailbox-to-mailbox.

If you want to become a member of my clan or check out what I do over there: I hope to see you there, every little helps. /Sarah B.

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The pin will be turned into a real one, and I'll get one to keep.

:squee: :squee: :squee:  I'm so excited..! AAAAA

* * * * * * * *

Every year the Wisby Medieval Week hold a competition for the design of the annual pin.
This year I actually entered. My first ever attempt at Vector art/computer graphics. Eeeek!

VOTE please! Pin entry Medieval week in Wisby 2020 by WeirdWondrous

My motivation to my design is the love and devotion within the event. There are so many who connect and interweave for life, be it friends, comrades, colleagues or lovers. So I took my inspiration from the Claddagh-ring, having the medieval week "M" crown the heart. The Claddagh also hail from the roman "Fede"-rings, two hands holding eachother, a sign of loyalty and friendship.

If I win, this will be turned into metal pins with red enamel.. Aaaaa! *crossing fingers*
PLEASE vote for me. Number 3, looking like the posted picture.  Hug…

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So, I am having my very first solo exhibition! I am quite nervous but I am quite confident it will go well. Things like this got a way of sorting themselves out. I am right now going through my inventory, signing and checking what to place where. 
I realize I made quite aa lot the last couple of months, so at least the halls won't be empty.

If you happen to be in Hultsfred, Sweden at the end of March, the exhibition is in the small quaint gallery "Kopparslagaren", on the 21-29 of March, open Saturday 21, Sunday22, Thursday 26, Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29.

I'll be showing basically my range of crafting, so there will be costumes, masks, felted objects, blown glass, photography, artefacts, props, lamps, musical instrument, fae items, postapocalyptic hardware... 


If you want to see later on how things went, I plan to do some proper multimedia'ing and show some videos and photos from the show. 
Join me on Instagram ( WeirdWondrous ) or Facebook ( )

I'm so EXCITED! :squee: 

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OMG!! Such a beautiful motivation, as well! *Swoon*

"Gone Fishing by WeirdWondrous embodies the concept of "seeing the world in a grain of sand".

There's a veritable seascape and a big dream of catching the ultimate prize... all contained in a beautifully made bead that fits the palm of your hand. Beautiful!

( Suggested by snazzie-designz and Featured by SinistrosePhosphate ) "

THANK YOU so much! Awh! Oh! Wow.. I just.. Awh! Squeeee!!!!
*Happy Dance*

Gone Fishing by WeirdWondrous

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So; after three weeks of feeling absolutely mortified and unable to accomplish anything, things are moving.
Or sliding. Like.. a LANDSLIDE.
It feels a bit like that terrible clog all of a sudden just decided to dissolve in the drainage pipes of my life.
With a joyous "schlurrp" and a "WTF just happened?", I've been offered a room suitable for a studio/storage.
My old one was little more than a garage/cave with a very fragile door and low ceiling - residing in an apartment building.
So not only have I been worried to have expensive tools in there, I also worried about disturbing the people living on top of my ceiling since inspiration has a tendency to strike after bedtime for most muggles.

And now.. in a free-standing little business building where I dreamt of having a shop when I was a girl. Behind two steel doors, with lofty ceiling and large studio windows too far to reach or peek through.. Same size as my garage cave but with several outlets (Like.. 10 instead of 2), tiled floor .. where I won't disturb anybody! No matter how noisy I get!
And I can see the windows of the locale from my very own home! Oh, this is amazing.. My view from the studio window is a beautiful oak tree, acting as my shelter. This is going to be so awesome, I can hardly contain myself!!
Yes, the place could use new paint. yes, probably most people would think the room is good for nothing, but it's such a change for me, better in every single way - with even availability to WC..

I've felt so vulnerable in my old place I could not find any peace working there. I got the cave-place three years ago and was happy. but once I got it furnished I only used it for storage, pretty much, from the bad feeling about it and worry about the neighbours. So now comes a hectic time, packing up the stuff and deciding how I'll set up all the shelves (and oh, the floor is actually straight, so I won't have to secure my shelves from toppling over! ) and my desk. And oooohhH! WEEEEEEEEEEEHH! :D

Moving from cave to castle! I'm so happy!!!

..Also; this happened. Lampwork draught is officially OVER.
I realized I was scared my hand would be so bad off after my injury I was afraid to do lampwork - afraid I would not be able to match my own skill from before. But LOOK AT IT! :D

..Wow.. A single day, so much changed..
If I only could sort out my emotional life now, that'd be great.
My life would be complete. :P

Thank you, whomever/whatever been listening to me whining these past weeks and helping me.. :heart:

The Fall - multiple view by WeirdWondrous

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