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Ok, Wow. This has been an interesting year so far. My biggest concern being (aside from keeping myself and my family healthy) that I live off selling at markets.

And there isn't any markets here in Sweden since we're not allowed crowds over 50 people.

So my exhibiton this spring had closed doors. The April Market shut down - and my main income; the Medieval Week in Wisby, Gotland - is brought online as much as possible.

But showcasing a table full of glass over internet is quite hard. So I did a thing I should have done ages ago - I opened a webshop, finally.


https://weirdwondrous.myshopify.com/ I add bits about once a week and the news first hit my Patreon (which also get first look, first pick and discounts plus personal updates, giveaways and other goodies! JOIN US; WE HAVE PIE!), then my Facebook Page. I keep forgetting Instagram. EEK.

Anyway, IF you feel like taking a look, do so - and learn more about me, my thoughts and what I currently have available. Right now I focus on items small enough to ship mailbox-to-mailbox.

If you want to become a member of my clan or check out what I do over there: https://www.patreon.com/WeirdWondrous I hope to see you there, every little helps. /Sarah B.

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