Solo Exhibition 2020

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So, I am having my very first solo exhibition! I am quite nervous but I am quite confident it will go well. Things like this got a way of sorting themselves out. I am right now going through my inventory, signing and checking what to place where. 
I realize I made quite aa lot the last couple of months, so at least the halls won't be empty.

If you happen to be in Hultsfred, Sweden at the end of March, the exhibition is in the small quaint gallery "Kopparslagaren", on the 21-29 of March, open Saturday 21, Sunday22, Thursday 26, Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29.

I'll be showing basically my range of crafting, so there will be costumes, masks, felted objects, blown glass, photography, artefacts, props, lamps, musical instrument, fae items, postapocalyptic hardware... 


If you want to see later on how things went, I plan to do some proper multimedia'ing and show some videos and photos from the show. 
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I'm so EXCITED! :squee: 

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I'm glad to see you have a show!