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The Allwin tie knot Tutorial

One of the most amazing gifts I will ever be able to present to somebody is creating them their very own tie knot.
-At least if they like and wear ties a lot!

I thought "How hard can it be", and went to town with every single tie I own to make something spectacular in the same line of the Eldridge or Trinity knot. Four in the morning every single tie was tied and there it was! Tadaaa! A double braided tie knot.
So far I have not seen this knot design anywhere else and I claim it as my own. -And share it with anybody wanting to wear it!

The knot is designed to be narrow and elaborate, and is dedicated with love to Mr. R.T Allwin.
Depending on if it's tied from left to right or if you tie it mirrored, the pattern forming on the knot will change as well.

Happy ValenTIEs! :heart:

Allwin tie knot by fairyfrog

Download the step-by-step if you want and give me a "like"! ;)…
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Really awesome...but I gotta admit I got lost after picture 2 :|
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So very cool!!
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It took me a lot of frustrating tries but I finally managed it. The final product seems a bit difficult to put on but I like how fancy it looks. I'll just leave one of my ties knotted like this so that I can use it whenever I want.

great work!
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Very elegant design. I have saved it to my favorites in hopes of trying it one day!! Thanks for sharing it.
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Original and amazing! :aww:
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In the Right/Left/Center notation of LCLRCLRLRCUULRU
In the Turnwise/Widdershins notation: TWWWWWTWWUUWWU
This makes it one of the tie knots with winding R-650 with a 2-deep tuck that happens to fit with a single-tuck location.

It is also seriously pretty, and I will start using it myself.
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I know, it's so awesome it's in the code as well. I'm a friend of M. Vejdemos' sister here in Sweden!
When I created this knot I decided to releaseit as a gift for valentines.
After I made it, the generator was released. -I figured it should be in the code somewhere, but I actually tied it before the code was released and it was made the artisan way, not the matemathical.  *lol* close call..  
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Oh, sorry. His wife, not sister.  XD
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OMG you invented a tie knot! That is a very original gift! And you are very creative on doing this!
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That is seriously beautiful !
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