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January 31, 2011
Akai-Ink says: "Sunshine Box - finished by *fairyfrog is a beautifully constructed box that has a wealth of fascinating details, from carefully constructed hinges and a tiny latch to elegant piercework and tiny exquisite etching details on the inside of the lid. Set with a pretty yellow quartz, and gilded for extra luminosity, this unusual locket seems to glow from within. Whether you want to think of it as a tiny box of sunlight, a fairy lantern, or just a pretty pendant, there's no mistake that this piece has an artist's true touch in its crafting. "

suggested by *Bonecarverpm and ~Akai-Ink
Featured by MyntKat
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Sunshine Box - finished



This project has indeed been strange!

It was one of those things I really needed to get out of my hands and finish, and when it was done I wasn't even shure I liked the design, what it was for or if I'd even purchase it myself if I found it in a second-hand shop.

I can't quite wrap my head around it, but oh boy, do the fae people like it! It was -gone- for several hours yesterday. I set it down, left the room, and when I came back into the room I didn't manage to find it untill I loudly stated "Hey, guys.. com'on! Return it! I want at last take pictures of it before it's gone!".. (Yes. I do believe in fairies, and traditionally a smithy always has.. other inhabitants than those people working there.) ;)

I tried taking photographs outdoors, but the very light that makes me long for the sunlight prevented me from any good shots. I went into the hallway and noted we have vanilla-tinted walls, thinking I'd give it a try..and my camera was all fogged up!

These photos is not photoshopped what so ever, I only cropped them and adjusted the brightness/contrast in the top left one, that's it!

This project has been weird and magical from start to finish, and I think it looks like some kind of fae lantern / relic box / free mason's ordaining sign / catholic church insence vial or something!

Also, I tried gilding only the inside but didn't manage to get the stop-out to work properly, so I gilded the whle thing. My forge-master was awestruck I managed to get that smooth surface from a gilding bath being pretty much as old as the forge.. I had to re-hydrate the dried old chrystals before using it and cramming on the highest electricity setting. ZORB!

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Man, did I really never favourite this one? I'm pretty sure this DD was how I found you in the first place all those years ago; I never comment much but I always love seeing your glass and metal creations, they're like little nuggets of magic in an otherwise mundane day