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Sunshine Box - finished

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This project has indeed been strange!

It was one of those things I really needed to get out of my hands and finish, and when it was done I wasn't even shure I liked the design, what it was for or if I'd even purchase it myself if I found it in a second-hand shop.

I can't quite wrap my head around it, but oh boy, do the fae people like it! It was -gone- for several hours yesterday. I set it down, left the room, and when I came back into the room I didn't manage to find it untill I loudly stated "Hey, guys.. com'on! Return it! I want at last take pictures of it before it's gone!".. (Yes. I do believe in fairies, and traditionally a smithy always has.. other inhabitants than those people working there.) ;)

I tried taking photographs outdoors, but the very light that makes me long for the sunlight prevented me from any good shots. I went into the hallway and noted we have vanilla-tinted walls, thinking I'd give it a try..and my camera was all fogged up!

These photos is not photoshopped what so ever, I only cropped them and adjusted the brightness/contrast in the top left one, that's it!

This project has been weird and magical from start to finish, and I think it looks like some kind of fae lantern / relic box / free mason's ordaining sign / catholic church insence vial or something!

Also, I tried gilding only the inside but didn't manage to get the stop-out to work properly, so I gilded the whle thing. My forge-master was awestruck I managed to get that smooth surface from a gilding bath being pretty much as old as the forge.. I had to re-hydrate the dried old chrystals before using it and cramming on the highest electricity setting. ZORB!

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Man, did I really never favourite this one? I'm pretty sure this DD was how I found you in the first place all those years ago; I never comment much but I always love seeing your glass and metal creations, they're like little nuggets of magic in an otherwise mundane day
WeirdWondrous's avatar
That mean a lot to hear. I really mean it. Life ain't easy right now. Thank you so much. :heart:
Tic-Toc-Creations's avatar
That is simply breathtaking! the level of craftsmanship you put into this is incredible!
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:
Luna-the-Nightblade's avatar
oh my this is indeed a treasure! Its pleasant on the eyes and amazing! You indeed have an eye for jewelry.
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If you aren't wanting to sell the original, would it be possible to commission something similar to this one?
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I know the post is old, but are you selling ones like it any more? This is amazing! 
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BTW, it reminds me of Yugi's ( anime character + has a pyramid necklace )..
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Wonderfull work.
Did yo know you can use regular nailpolish to keep certain areas from getting gilded? It works very well, and you just wipe it off with acetone when you're done.
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Thank you for the tip!
I use that when doing rings with red and white gold details. Nail polish is the shit!

I use white to let it dry fast and so I see where I painted. And it looks less messy when you paint on yourself, than red. ;)
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Gorgeous. I love the idea - certainly something I couldn't have thought up myself!
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that's gorgeous . I love the way the box is designed.
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Thank you so much!
love-fate's avatar
you're welcome
Oh wow... maybe not fairy-related but something like this would make a very awesome Sith Holocron from Star Wars. :3 I can definitely see why this one is called Sunshine Box though! Very bright and warm.
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Oh, wow.. ! Thank you! :D
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Wow, I'm not one for gold or anything, but this is gorgeous!
It's weird, that's for sure... But it works, you know?

Is the rock real?
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Well, it is a -real- rock. It isn't natural, however, but lab-created and thus a lot less expensive than if it was created by nature instead of man. ;)
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Ahhh... Kk.
Is there a way to tell apart man-made and nature-made? Would it have something to do with the flaws or something?
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Well, making them in a lab gives an opportunity to give the stone the trait we people see as desirable: clarity, size and colour.

A stone like this in natural quartz would cost over 100$ in it's own right, like this it's more like 10$.

There are giveaways, but usually you need a spectrometer if it's a good replica. This stone is a giveaway with the tint, it's a bit too "sun yellow".
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