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Sunshine Box

I long for the sun!

This is a project under the label "WEIRD".

I recieved this lovely convex-cut hydrothermal quartz and fell in love with the piece. For days I've been haunted by this strange "4-sided Dice"-design of a locket and I done several studles and solutions on the mechanisms and setting.

This morning i woke up and knew exactly what designs to do for the "windows"! It was just one of the things I had to get out of my head!

I'm only posting a priview here of the work in progress.

It was one of those days when inspiration refuse to let go. I got to the forge and all of a sudden the day had just vanished!

I am thinking about gilding it when it is done. I'm not sure though, it may steal the colour from the stone and ruin the "lantern light effect" in the box itself.

Triskellions. they almost looks like "S".. for "Sunshine", "Spring" and "Sarah" ;)

Sterling silver, quartz.
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BluePerson42's avatar
wow anyone can make a box but you you my friend made a pyramid! this is amazing!
Skuldier's avatar
Seeing the finished piece, I'm glad you decided to gild it. It makes the stone look even more beautiful.
Jessigirl93's avatar
thats really beautiful
Hana-me-no-tenshi's avatar
it so beautifull, i love the idea too! i SO would just buy it at first sight!
Quilsnap's avatar
nice clean work you did there :D
Tonnie89's avatar
OMG, I love it! :D
biltongboy's avatar
great concept! can not wait to see the finished product photos!:D
WeirdWondrous's avatar
You seen it yet? I linked the finished one to this image as well. =)
biltongboy's avatar
I have yeah! and I have been reading your Journals too:D
MystycWater's avatar
It's so pretty :3
wallawallabigguy's avatar
I second gilding just the interior.
Do you cut all that by hand?
Instant favorite, can't wait to see it complete!
WeirdWondrous's avatar
All hand cut, drawn with dividers. The swirls I made free-hand along with the setting and hinges. I am in love with this little box and can't wait to finish it! <3
Bonecarverpm's avatar
It would be cool if you could just gild ONLY the interior then it would glow that much more as the gold would reflect any light back into the quartz with an added golden hue.
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Hmm.. what do you need to gild an interior only? We have electrod baths and if I would stop-out the outside with varnish I could probably do it. Any suggestions?
Bonecarverpm's avatar
There are resists that you can coat the out side with but not the inside that will stop the electo plating But my feeble grey cells dont remember what it is,glad you liked the idea!
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Bonecarverpm's avatar
hope it works well for you ! I look forward to seeing the results !
StickyRice43's avatar
WOW!! that's soo beautiful!! where'd you get it, it's quite lovely!! and the design you made looks beautiful. man, i really want one now xD i wish i could make something like that. and heh, i know exactly what you mean about those inspirational days, when i have it, i juss lye in bed thinking about it for hours at night till i juss get up and do it xD not thinking about sleeping or eating or anything xD
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Aww, thank you! I always love your comments!
The gem was found on ebay for little and nothing, I bought a bulk of huge, fancy gems with weird colour, sold as quarts but not mentioning they were lab made. I could tell from start the price was too good for stones of that caliber and wasn't bummed out, I knew what I got!

This way I can afford extreme stones and can drag them out into the forest as my treasure during Larps and RPG's. Yay! :D
StickyRice43's avatar
teehee, ur welcome :P
heh, im always such a sucker for quartz crystals, and gems, and what not. i get mines from those rock shops. the tinier ones are really cheap. and bwahahaha xD that sounds like fun xD gahhhh, i wish it turns Spring already!! i miss walking in the forest :P

also, does that mean you made the pyramid shaped box yourself :o and if so, what's it made out of?
WeirdWondrous's avatar
I made the box, the hinges, theclasps and the patterns all by myself from my own drafted pattern! =)

It was an experiment I came up with and wanted to make. When I got my yellow quartz I knew it would be the perfect match for the project!

It's finished, so I need to get some pictures of it now! :)
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