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Scrapperflap Specimen Ampoule


Specimen Ampoule: Scrapperflap (baby)

The Scrapperflap is a good-natured little bugger usually minding it's own business. -In space.

They mostly float around aimlessly around the universe, devouring what ever it comes across in tiny amounts. As a baby, the Scrapeprflap usually gather in vast amounts circling planets yet not turned solid, creating rings around them as they orbit.
These rings have up till recently been misenterpreted as nothing but dust and small rocks due to the Scrapperflaps tiny size and transparent jelly-like bodies, but now we know planetary rings can contain up to 2% of these kind little entities.

Scrapperflaps are simply tiny space cleaners who use their flat tentacles to transport stardust to their mouths, hence the name.
Combing through the universe with their fine rim of brush-like fuzz they are indeed little helpers of the best kind, acting as an important food source for many of the grander beings in space like the star whale.

Whenever the Scrapperflap find a particularly nice little piece of sparkling stardust they attach it to their longer mid-section tail, signaling their status as adults.

(Yes, utter bollocks. But fun! Lampworked glass in coe 104, silver & gold fumes.)

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This made me so happy to see! I am enjoying all of the little details you've added, and of course the detailed story doesn't hurt ; )
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The detail is fantastic, looks like a real creature in there!  Love the 'history' of them, too.
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Thank you my friend. I do enjoy telling the little stories popping up in my head when I work on an item. I rarely do it, but people seem to enjoy them so why not? :) :hug:
chainedoombaby's avatar
Its beautiful! And I liked the little backstory/history, it adds a fun aspect to it.
WeirdWondrous's avatar
This is how my thoughts go when I make a piece. Some objects get their very own story, universe and twist to them and I haven't told them so far but I figured I should start... I'm glad you like it! Thank you! :D
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Beautiful work!
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Thank you so much!
skiesofchaos's avatar
brilliant indeed, stories in glass and epic ones at that.
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Many of my objects carry their own little story in my mind even though I rarely tell them and let the beholder create their own interpretation, but I figured I might start sending the little stories along to show the spirit of my Crafts as well.

Thank you!
Ellygator's avatar
Gorgeous! Such amazing, delicate detail!
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Thank you! He's a happy little thing.. <3
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You should start making a series of them if you haven't yet.
WeirdWondrous's avatar
I am currently working on them in a series; indeed.
Sadly, I can only make at the most three of them in one sitting, and I think about 50% is good enough to present. 
There are two more with both imagery and description, and I'll post them within a couple of days I think!

Thank you!
DarksoniaExorsus's avatar
Okay I look foreward to seeing more and you're very welcome ^-^
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