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Purple and white glass

A year ago I created this.
I had only a few lessons and this is the prettiest and most even glass I had done.  About 10 cm tall.
I must say I miss working in the hotshop where I learned. Still haven't been able to go as thin again as I did in that hotshop.
Every place you go to, you have to learn anew to catch up with the different temperatures, varieties of glass you work with, the benches and the tools. It's part of the beauty, though. <3

..Still, I want to go back though. Right now everything I make is 5 times more thick walled.. XD
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I like the texture and swirling pattern you've created. Very nice work!
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Cool. Beautiful. Makes me think I'm tectonic plates moving and magma
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Thank you! I see what you mean!
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Raw and refined. Really like it. I check out mostly drawings and som artisan craft. This is really eye pleasing and my hands really want to touch how the Clas feels, texture, weight

sorry if this is wrong but I'd really like to drink coffee from it
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Thank you.. And I honesrly LOVE drinking coffee from my own made tableware. So this is absolutely for coffee. It rests nicely in hand as well.
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I'm a bit jealous actually:) glad you find joy in your craft and after:)
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