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Lunicorn cabochon

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"Lunicorn" is a colour now!

All one and the same object from different angles and light sources (or absence of them).

This is metallurgy, chemistry, scrapbooking, fx-makeup, optics, glasscraft, witchcraft, antiques and futuristics all wrapped up into one gloriously glowing pearlescent rainbow sparkle colour changing mixed media cabochon with glass surface. - Lunicorn. (Lune and Unicorn, get it? ;) )

Part of a series for jewelry in the making.

IT WORKED! * mad scientist cackle *

Size: 35mm across.

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It's just everything. :D It combines all the powers we know in one ... stone.

I love it. :D

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Awh! Thank you so much! :heart: It does look magical, just seems like trying to recreate it is.. very hard. XD

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This is so pretty! I love all the subtle colors
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*ahem*  IT LIVES! *Mad Scientist Look and Laughter*

 Loverly work and Fab name...

and my "Want" alarm has just started blaring...
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scrapbooking?? :XD:
Looks rad! Have you thought about posting a gif or video of it in motion?
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I've tried, but it behaves differently in different lights, so I'd need to cut it together in various light sources and in the dark, AND in UV-light. Haven't even tried that yet, going to be absolutely crazy I suspect.


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