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Glass baubles

Baubles for windows and gardens, blown glass in rainbow hues, sorted accordingly. :heart:
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Hi im Johan :)

Pretty colors:)

I got an "wild" untested idea for colored ice bubbles if youre interested?

Alot of if but if

You want to experiment perhaps

Putting a ballon into another ballon. Putting a slim hose in inner ballon. Adding food coloring and water between ballons. Tying ballons around slim hose. Pooring some water in slim hose into inner ballon will create ballast. The rest of  inner ballon is filled with air. If tied tight enough remove hose and it will stay knit. Put into freezer. Remove outer ballon? (Water level from ballast will create flat faset)....

... hang from tree, time laps melting;)

If you try some ice will you post?

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Oh my, just the thing for a fairy garden. :)