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Cobolt and Carmine Lunespinner

-A wearable centennial jewelry legacy.

Since my income as a glassblower is based on selling at markets I'm rather screwed so I needed to change platform and get back online.

The last week I've been setting up a platform to sell these little costume companions in several varieties, colours and styles made to sit on a hat, lapel, corset, sleeve or a neck ribbon, serve as ring or bracelet adornment. They have shawl clips or brooch needles so dey are very versatile.

"All" I need now are the product shots and do the listing, everything else is ready. Seriously scary though - the material in them got a very special history and I've spent the last five years developing how to make them.

I've come up with an entire style, story, fancy labels, beautiful packaging and researched the history of the brass pressings I purchased off the daughter by one of the actual mould makers. The pressings are 80 years old but was designed in the 1920's. The wings are mixed media.

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Just beautiful :love:

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Perfectly magical!

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Such marvelous beings, companions for generations.

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They are beautiful and it is wonderful you are helping to preserve the legacy by using the brass pressings.