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Cast ring experiment ruby

I got inspiration from a book my sweetheart bought for me recently. This ring I made by pressing a ring into a sand cast mold and remove it, press a stone into te groove, seal up and pour in Silver in the mold.

Very lovely, very random!
A lot of extra work when evening it and removing the cast channels, but absolutely worth it.

If you want to try this, make sure you use a stone that won't explode from the heat.

I was too eager with this , hurried the cooling process and the stone cracked.
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Aug 5, 2010, 10:33:31 AM
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Is that a real ruby!?!
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It is a -real- ruby.
However, it is not a -natural- ruby but one created in a laboratory, hence being flawless and perfectly structured on a molecular level. And worth about 10-20$. ;)
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ooooooohhhh :) Thanks!
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Is this ring for sale? If so, how much does this ring cost? I absolutley love it...
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Oh, I could sell it, sure! It is not doing any good laying in one of my drawers, that's for sure!

The size is for a male, I'll have to get back to you on which size it is. I'll take a closer look on it and give you an estimate.

If the size and price is right for you and you want it, sure, I'll sell it to you!
I'm glad you like it! It was an interesting experiment, indeed, and the photograph came out looking great!

Possibly, I could change the size for you if it is wrong.. Do you know what ring size you have?

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Awesome! (I am a male, haha) I am not sure what ring size I have... How do you measure that?
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Easiest way is going to a jeweller and ask them to measure your size!

Another thing you can do is take a strip of paper, wrap it around your finger, mark where it reaches all the way around and then usea ruler to check how long the strip is!

If you get it in Us sizes you'll get a number on the inch system, european sizes is on metric and UK uses letters. No matter which scale you get it on, I can check and convert it.
(And I know you're a male who draws pretty ladies.. I checked your profile ;)

14159265358979323846's avatar
Hehe, you caught me! There's no denying it; but I plan to diversify eventually...

Regarding the ring: I measured myself, I'm a US size 7.

*zomg* excited :D
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I measured the ring yesterday, and it seems to have the exact right size so I can get it to function properly without cutting you apart! ;) It is a very chunky ring though, so it will take some getting used to.
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Impressive ring-- although, my fingers get sore if I wear them, I'd probably keep it with my other little treasures.

To be honest, I rather like cracked stones. lol Never knew why, I think it's the patterns they make. Either way, like quite a number of pieces you make, I think it's lovely. :D
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The the the the the the the the the the rubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyy is.... *faith*
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This is possibly the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I love it. The crack makes it just more original.
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Oh, wow! Thank you! I'm very happy you feel that way!
Brilliant comment, made my day! :D
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Ancient and modern. A molten masterpiece. Bravo!
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Thank you! A happy accident, I'd say =)
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If that's an actual Ruby, it's most likely that you didn't leave enough room in between the metal and the stone and that it cracked when the metal shrank. I haven't done it yet myself, but everyone's warned me that I need to leave room and not make it a perfect fit or the shrinkage would destroy the stone.
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It is a ruby. Thankfully not a natural but a lab made one so it cost me nothing. The setting should have been opened enough. The other one I made worked perfectly.

What I did was being too eager to cool it and have a closer look and hurried the process. The stone cracked from the temperature difference.

Nice work, by the way!
I want a cad/cam program... <3
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Rhino is the one jewellers use. and you an download free trial version which allows you 25 saves but is basically the whole program:D
WeirdWondrous's avatar
Oh, thank you! I'll absolutely check it out. Awesome! :D

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great keep me posted:D
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I almost lol'd as I got back to school and was supposed to select courses - either practical painting or 3D-design. I am very aware 3D drawings is something I need to practice and signed up instantly.

..Guess which program we're using.
- Yep. Rhino.

biltongboy's avatar
It is very good! Versatile! They use it for all sorts of things!
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