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Bog Witch Cake 2020


So, I saw those cool 2020 trend "Island Cakes".

But I kinda live in Sweden, so I figured the Swedish approach would either be a cold greyish sea or, well.. a bog.

So Here's "Bog Witch Cake 2020" 

I love moss, lichen, murky waters and fern.. <3

It was about challenging myself, learning new techniques and pulling it together over coordinating flavors but somehow it all worked. I figured, if I'd fail, I'd still have a pile of cake and a spoon. :3

What's in it?

Pale chocolate cardamom/lemon sponge cake, raspberry/passion fruit filling, dark chocolate cardamom/vanilla/sea salt ganache, milk chocolate cinnamon ganache, sugar jello, fondant grass and cookie crumb moss and soil. Lastly I made cinnamon coated walnut pebbles.(ALL the flavours)

It was rich, weighed half a ton and I obsessed over everything from baking the sponge to not melting it while taking the pictures.. But hecking heck, it looks like a bog and tastes divine! NJOM!

More pictures:…

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Oh wow, this is amazing! I love the attention to detail

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I can't help it but this makes me feel very uncomfortable. Amazing job though!!

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This is edible :O WOW

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oh my god, that both looks and sounds amazing!

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Very cool, you did an awesome job on making this cake. :D

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Thank you so much! I am very happy with the outcome. AND the taste! <3

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I was wondering if this was a new baking trend; looks hard to make, but also looks very worth it. :3

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