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Twilit Group Shot

Well, Skyward Sword's inspiration didn't last long. I mean... it's nice to know where and how the legends got started, but the inspiration from Twilight Princess just stuck with me more. After a long time, let's just say the twilight caught up to me. :XD: I'm playing Twilight Princess again, and oh my gosh... the twilight is pretty epic. NO, I don't mean Twilight Sparkle... I mean the darkness that is called the "twilight" in the game. Though, that would be interesting to attempt. A friend of mine would kill me if I combined the twilight from the game with the 4th princess though. I probably shouldn't try that. |D

Well, Agatha has been to the twilight once before (in an rp with a friend), far before adopting a pup. She wasn't really accepted... She stayed the same, a darker wolf that wasn't accepted by neither the twilight or the light. Now, she returns with a child, Yuiziate (Manakei1's character), and both of them are accepted by the twilight. So yeah, the orange-eyed girl is Agatha as a twili, and the red-haired kid is Yuiziate as a twili. As for the bird in the picture... that is the twilight phoenix, Ary (Manakei1's character).

I just felt like drawing Agatha as a twili and wanted to see how it would go in a portrait shot, and yeah. Then, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to come up with Yuiziate's twili form (well, my take on it) and add him in there. I checked with Manakei1, and it was fine. Then, earlier today, I added Ary. Looking at the finished piece, I'm actually kinda pleased with it considering that I haven't drawn people or birds in a really long time. There's no way in hell I would be able to draw people full body... I never can. Regardless, this sorta breaks the streak that has gone through my gallery. ...Now only if I could change my username without premium membership... oh well.

Special thanks to the brush providers!
2Bit-Twilight Brushes by Axeraider70
Cloud Brushes by Para-vine

Agatha Lycann (c) me
Ary the Twilight Phoenix and Yuiziate (c) Manakei1 
Legend of Zelda and the Twili Race (c) Nintendo
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