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Hear that, Wayne? There's a Man in the Woods

Drawn by the lovely Lady-Darkstreak, Here's a picture of the Mysterious MrEnter about to shoot an obnoxious little boy with lines outside his body.
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Watch the animation on YouTube called "Man in the Woods" to get this reference.
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No, I know but.

This just such a weird reference for me.

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I can already tell there's a story behind what goes on in this picture. 

It's as if Mr. Enter was a character in the Cramp Twins universe, visited the Cramp family while traveling through their hometown, noticed how Wayne constantly bullied Lucien and got away with it using his good boy voice, and decided to avenge Lucien by plotting to kill Wayne, and he even wrote a poem about it. 
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It's probably best not to write a poem about the death of someone you actually killed.  Just ask Krystian Bala.…
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omg I love this also the refrence
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i think this is a superb picture.
Lady-Darkstreak is a fantastic artist.
Wayne wears girl pants more than Lucian.
my revenge on that bully.
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Gotta admit ..... this is absolutely hilarious
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I can't stand Wayne Cramp but I love MrEnter. 
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Haven't watched the Cramp Twins but this picture is well done!
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While I strongly disagree with MrEnter he still had a right to his opinion. After it's not like he considers this the worst show he's ever seen, which is why I still respect him and never un-subcribed from his channel (until it was taken down).

Which can be said for alot of critics, they may say something negative about something you like (or vice versa) but it's good to know they aknowledge that there are pieces of our media that are much more inferior (or superior) in terms of their quality.

On another note Wayne may be obnoxious (as that was the point of his character) but I wouldn't consider him the worst character in the history of entertainment, nor do I wish death upon him. As long as he get's his "just desserts", then his actions are justified.
it not that Mr. Enter has a right to his opinion. it that he feels like he always right and anyone who disagrees with him is a bad person
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You know that he grew out of that a long time ago right?
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Well...i guess i'll hide the body.
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I love how the lines outside of Wayne's body actually WORKS in this situation.
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I bet Mr. Enter loves this.
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And the man wishes to pound Wayne's head into a flour sifter. Not a bad idea; it might bring that sickly blue color out of his face. Seriously he looks like a rejected, mean-spirited Doug character.
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Oh yeah, there's a man in the woods. I remember seeing that on Newgrounds. It went from lighthearted to dark, creepy shit.
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even wen i was young i Hated wayne
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He fucking earn it do to how he acts in that show. Not even the times where he stand up wasn't enough. 
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