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Kagechukki and the Baloon Tree

Whats next after number three? Four you will rightly say. I agree.
Kagechukki is the odd company of four "not so hard" villains. They all share this pink (!!!) bulky body, which is something like a tortoise shell. THey are well organised too, like a genuine company they work on shifts. Everytime it's someone's turn to take the body, they just rearrange the limps and thats it actually. Yeah.
Ge is the desperado one on the left. He s got this fancy magic hat that is also a gun, but unfortunately he cannot afford buying any bullets. Thats crap I say. So he is constantly thinking of that day on his birthday when he got a bullet as a pressie from Kki, the guy on the pointy hat. This guy has no use whatsoever, apart from being pointy, that is. But he s a good laugh. Maybe the most mysterious of all, is Ka, the one watching the world upside down. He has the most powerful magic abilities and he is the one controlling the Cuteness Devastator. That long name is for the heart shaped eye, housed inside the body of Kagechukki. The Cuteness Devastator is really simple. It scans all lifeforms around and whenever a cute entity is detected, then ... Well, then Chu takes over, that fuzzy bearded idiot loves anihillating cute creatures (Kawai Factor 8 and above, of course) using his magic Warmonger Helmet which appears and dissappears mysteriously (maybe because its magic?) thus granding him an incredible cruelty facilitation in exterminating unsuspected, merilly whistling, puppy eyed entities. This mission is not in vain, of course. The Kagechukki manifesto (less than a page, of course) states that " Cuteness creature too lot these days, villains too less. Must work too hard and make balance again, and make fair play in dreamworlds."

Well, need to say more?
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I like your baloon tree....
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This piece has been featured in *Future-Art-Magazine's #1 'Unknown Artist' News article..

you can find it here:


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:wow: Your art is so unique and amazing! :faint: :clap: :+favlove:
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the colours are just gorgeous :)
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crazy stuff!!

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I love the greeny yummy thing he stands on! it makes me want to eat my screen!!!!!
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awesome work! nice
design =D
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No, you don't need to say more.

Nice work.
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hihi how sweet :aww:
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misty misty again! really in love with this one , the plant plate is very cute ,the tree is very goodlooking ,and cloudlooking , Kagechukki must be very heavy I think...
gun hat and pointy hat are both insane...u know will make the stroy very interesting~~~~and the ghost

It must be a infinite interesting fairy tale...excellent!:love:
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:). I like how some trees have been 'patched up'.
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Hehe...awesome. And I really like Ka...always looking at the world upside down. But I absolutely love the little whistling yellow dude. ^_^
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Nice again :). good work
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pure awesomeness as ever!
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sheesh you never ceased to amaze man! your churning them out like pancakes, and the quality is always tops! :D your leaning towards multiple-personalitied-individual characters right now, and they're way interesting. :D :peace:!
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very nice work...
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I love his top hat.
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