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Feuriah's Dawn : Arsene Firethroat

Wow... never thought I'd ACTUALLY get to redesign this gal. It was greatly needed, and one I'm very happy with :)

Arsene was a character that was to be introduced into Feuriah's Dawn eventually. She is the final child of Nydia and Infernacus, and their only daughter. Making her Ignitus' little sister! Her character was important to Feuriah's development, as Feuriah had to combat jealousy with Arsene as she was actually related to Ignitus, earning a lot of his love and attention. Forgiveness is something both she and Feuriah work together to overcome in hopes of gaining peace eventually.

She's in Weirdlanders too! Just, not around, as Feuriah let Ignitus escape with the children of Warfang; her being one of them, they're kinda in hiding. Still, glad to finally have her completely redone and looking much, MUUUUUUUUUCH better >n>' her old design was...ugh.

Enjoy! More might be added later ^u^
~Weird Hyenas
Name : Arsene Firethroat (Are-seen)
Age : Early Thirties (In dragonyears)
Species : Fire Chroma (Fire Dragon)
Family :
Element : Fire / Smoke

Abilities : Highly trained in combat and war, Arsene takes full advantage of being a Fire dragon. She mastered the art of manipulating her smoke into a breath, breathing it out to suffocate enemies when fire is too destructive or dangerous to use. Puffs of smoke directly to the face can both blind and burn. Stealthy, she can use smoke as a smokescreen, but when fire is needed; chaotic fire it is. Arsene uses her fire abundantly, causing smoldering damage. Quick, sneaky, brassy and aggressive, Arsene is one to fear in battle.

Profession : Sargeant of a Wyng in Warfang's army. Arsene stayed in Warfang even when many left in fear of Malefor's fallout. When Malefor rose once more, Arsene was ready. She is responsible for much of Warfang's defenses, but she shines when training soldiers in combat. Her near impossible ferocity for vengeance and  refusal to let evil overtake Warfang makes Arsene well earning of the Firethroat name.

Personality : Fully confident, clever, sly, and golden hearted. Seeing as she is the youngest sibling of three brothers, Arsene is hardy and no pushover. When she wants something, she will do everything she can to get it, but is not materialistic or vain. She carries with her the Firethroat stubbornness and leadership skills, thinking of others before herself.  She does, however, hold a deep rooted grudge against Kuros after their raid on Warfang under Malefor's command (the battle at the end of Feuriah's Dawn). The only Kuros she does trust is Feuriah.

History : Arsene was born the final child of Nydia and Infernacus Firethroat. A few years after Feuriah's hatching, Arsene was born near the peak of the Malefor paranoia that rocked Warfang after his venomous banishment. Warfang in fear of Kurosian attack, Arsene saw many aspects of war given her father's Guardian position. Wanting to protect those she loves from the looming fear, Arsene started her training as early as she possibly could. Practicing flying, fire, combat, Arsene was on the soldier's heels constantly demanding them to teach her how to be one of them. Feuriah had long gone into hiding outside the Warfang forests, an urban legend among the young dragons. Arsene paid her little mind as Ignitus promises she's the key to peace one day.

During her young teen years, Warfang is attacked by Kurosian forces for the first time. During the bloody war, Arsene attempts to fight to protect her family; whom separate during the siege. She fights alongside Baltimor and others, but when the battle was done, many of her friends and loved ones lie dead. Her father, Infernacus, among one of them. She swore a vow that day that she would take up arms and fight to end Malefor's reign of tragedy and fear. She accepts Feuriah as an ally, learning that understanding and forgiveness is what will bring the peace, not just fighting. 

Arsene enlists as soon as possible, as her mother takes the Fire Guardian position. Arsene however doesn't follow in the Guardian footsteps, and instead works directly with the defense forces. She's a hard trained, always on her talons even when off duty, and is fast thinking in chaotic situations. Many feel safe in Arsene's presence, as she can also be loving and tinder.

Trivia : 

  • Arsene wears cinnamon scented oils as perfume, as cinnamon is her favorite spice and scent. Cinnamon rolls and apple pie are her favorite treats.
  • Has a stern, commanding voice that demands respect and attention. She is able to intimidate pretty easily.
  • The markings have a highly reflective shine to them, giving an almost glittering, melted gold look when light hits them.
  • Doesn't act very feminine, but is very well mannered and polite when she wishes to be thanks to her mother's stern manner teachings.
  • Has her own garden she enjoys tending when she needs time to relax. She adores books, reading them with cinnamon apple tea and ciders on rainy days are some of her favorites
  • The loss of her father is something she never recovers from. She knows little of her brother, Vulcan, who was banished before she was born.
  • High pain tolerance and rarely feels fear. Arsene's very attentive even when she doesn't appear to be.
  • Has a very, very close bond with her brother, Ignitus. Trusting him with all her heart, she does tease him as any sister would. She's harsh with him, but loves him.
  • In Weirdlanders : Arsene is still born, but is younger than Feuriah during the attack on Warfang. She has a greater hatred for Kuros wherever she is, making her tied to Feuriah once more. Both are unable to forgive, and therefor live in anger and torment for it. She does, however, remember Spyro and Cynder in this 'verse.

Vulcan (c) - Koofins
Sirius(c) - SaziArtStudios
Tinder & Kindle (c) - DragonCid
The Kuros are a species & culture created by myself, 
WeirdHyenas, and collaborated with Koofins, based on Cynder’s appearance from “Legend of Spyro : A New Beginning”. The culture is heavily inspired by Celtic origins, while the language and names are more specifically attuned to Irish/Gaelic. Kuros are not canon in the LoS games, but are fan made by myself. Please do not repost, edit, trace, use as icons, banners, IDs, etc without our given permission. Thank you! 
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Great work. How's things going?
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Thank you! Ooooh they're goin, mostly just workin' :) you?
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I am okay, working.
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Ooo, she's got a really nice design
Also really like her smoke breath, thats some cool textures and colors on that! 
but what would happen if she smoke cigarettes...? : o
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She's soo pretty!
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Again u make anouther *coughs*sexy*coughs* dragonness again...that tail reminds so much like seadragon fins tails i love :heart:
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the forehead markings looks a lot like beastclans and earth symbols from Flight rising! 
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AHHHH She is absolutely lovely and I love the name with a passion! ❤️
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OMG!!!!!O.O This is....Absolutely just...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!=D My Eyes cannot unsee the absolutely Incredible, Absolute Stunning of how Arsene's New look is just! Im Speechless! Is there nothing you can't do Weird?
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She is beautiful! If only i could draw as well as you, I'd do a gift pic of her and Flarena meeting.
Arsene is beaitful and gorgeous. I love her design.
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She is gorgeous. Loving those muted colors!
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This is amazing. You've created quite a beautiful character here. Don't have much words, except that I love that you're still creating FD-related artwork (somewhat) even though the comic has been abandoned. Feuriah's Dawn will still be among my favourite Spyro comics on this site, and your art impresses me a whole bunch. The way you create the dragon's poses, and their different features is really well done.
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I can see that she has taken a lot from her father! 
I love this, it's simply gorgeous!
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What a beautiful, gorgeous and awesome dragon *.* Excellent job on this one!
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OMG she is gorgeous! He markings, her hair! Oh, she is lovely!
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oh gosh I love your designs so much <3

I was wondering, would you be up to do a Spyro universe redesign when you open commissions?
I've had her for many years as she was my overall 3rd oc ever and the only one dragon I plan on keeping (excluding my Kuros)
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You did a really good job with this reference.
Well done!
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