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OC - Prismgrace by weirdfangirl59 OC - Prismgrace :iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 4 0
It was a nightmare. She was stuck and with Flim, too. Nothing could lift her spirits in a time and place like this.
Maybe Applejack should have been more clear with herself. It wasn’t as if it was either of their faults. After all, whose fault is it that an apple is so juicy and delicious, the tree or the baker? ... Actually, don’t answer that.
It didn’t matter. Applejack had to keep her head on straight. The shed was dark, perhaps filled with bats or snakes that her vision failed to see. She had to be the smart one with Flim probably shaking next to her. Not that she could tell, actually, but the shed was so small that if she moved just a few inches to her left, they’d be touching shoulders.
“M—maybe we can f—find an axe ‘r somethin’ in here?”
I’m off to a great start. The stuttering really added some bravery to the situation, Applejack thought sarcastically.
“Mm ... I can’t see any axes,” Flim said, m
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 4 4
There's a Time and Place, Pharynx
Another visit, another long, boring, and rather lame conversation. It was all Thorax seemed to do. Pharynx has agreed to come along on a visit to Ponyville for a checkup on Ocellus and to see the Princess of Friendship—that was it! It didn’t have to take so long! How was Pharynx supposed to know that his younger brother would start an extended conversation with every creature he met. It was sickening and pitiful! Couldn’t he have left it at ‘hello’ and moved on?
Nope. Apparently not.
Ocellus was doing well. Twilight said she had straight A’s and was learning more about friendship everyday. That was that. Now, Pharynx just wanted to go home.
Then, Thorax just happened to spot Dragon Lord Ember, his friend and, from Pharynx’s point of view, possible crush.
Pharynx braced himself for the worst as Ember flew toward them, ready to greet the royal Changelings. He could see his brother grin out of the corner of his eye.
“Hey, Thorax! What a surp
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 1 2
First Thing's First
There are many things that have been said about Princess Ako, and, like any princess, she did not like being gossiped about. So, Ako puts it upon herself to prove these rumors wrong.
So, first thing's first:
Ako did not love Souta.
Not that she did not see him as an ally, or maybe a friend.
She did not fall in love with him.
Souta was just a stupid boy! He laughed about the grossest things! He teased nonstop! He did not know how to take care of himself without someone else's interference!
Stupid Souta! When he held her hand during a thunderstorm while they were at school, he made her so mad, she went red in the face.
Stupid Souta! When he said the dumbest puns, he had somehow brainwashed Ako into laughing at them.
Stupid Souta! He joked about how 'pretty' Ako was on a daily basis.
Stupid Souta! He messed with Ako so much, he started to drift into her thoughts way too often.
Stupid Souta! He got himself into trouble all the time, so Ako always had to save him.
Stupid Souta! He made Ako
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 3 0
A Queen To Look Forward To
Elsa looked at her hands, studying the crevasses, wrinkles, nails, and chubby muscles. No matter what she saw, she couldn't get rid of the thought. How could ice and snow be controlled with the normal hands she had? Maybe what they thought was true. A teenager who could freeze anything with a touch of skin was a monster.
A monster. What else could she be? An alien? Maybe. She was a curse, a living, breathing blizzard, and perhaps a witch. What if they threw her out of the kingdom if they found out?
Elsa breathed hard, staring at the ice crystals that floated out of her mouth. She looked closely at the small, flowery, ice dust. Small octagons and stars were stuck to the window she sat at, along with shiny fog.
No. She had kept the secret for ten years now. There was no way it could be released anytime soon. Her parents gave her the gloves for a reason.
She looked back at them. The gloves were not what they seemed. She found it hideous to think of the story that lay within them. A story
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 2 0
The short blue-ette grumbled as she wobbled over to the punch bowl. How she hated parties. And these cursed heels! One would think that 16-year-old Tategami Aoi would grow out of her hatred for luxury, given that was her lifestyle, but no. Her love of rock and roll still fought on.
Sighing loudly, she grabbed a goblet and poured some of the berry-flavored punch into it. Slurping it, trying to seem as rebellious as possible, she turned and furrowed her brows.
“You seem peeved.” Aoi jumped in surprise as she turned to the man who spoke. Mizushima Mitsuyoshi. Her butler and first friend. He was taller now, while she had failed to grow since her fourteenth birthday. She sighed.
“Yeah. Yeah, I’m peeved,” She spoke with a low tone. “Parties have never been my thing.” She paused. “At least, the ones like this.” She gestured to the fancy ball gowns, orchestral music, and stuck-up guests.
Mitsuyoshi chuckled. “Yes, I know.” He cl
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 0 0
Downloading ...
Everyone knew that Charaleet had feelings for the oblivious android. He constantly flirted with her, trying to win over her synthetic heart. He failed every time. It seemed every time, he became less subtle. The less subtle his actions, the more confused the naïve android became.
It was time for a new approach, he decided.
“Lulu-chan!” He greeted. She looked up from her keyboard.
“Greetings, fellow associate.”
“I was thinking, love, would you like to accompany me to a dinner tonight? Just the two of us!”
“I am afraid I am very busy.” She blinked blankly. “Also, I am not allowed to leave the office without permission.”
“Well, certainly pretty, little Lulu can ask for permission.”
She looked down, processing his statement. Looking back up at him, she changed the subject. “You called me something different this time.”
“You called me ‘love’.” She cocked her hea
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 1 0
Her optics were burning. So much fire. She could hardly see. She had been pushing herself forward to the point she couldn’t feel her stabilizing servos.
She couldn’t collapse. Not now. Not when there was work to do. Research to do. Projects to do.
She inhaled the smoke. With a rasp so unlike her voice, she coughed till she couldn’t breathe.
She wished she didn’t have to.
“Help ...” She managed to say. Her vocalizer was failing her.
She could feel gravity press on her. Heat was everywhere.
Until a sudden comfortable warmth pressed against her. She struggled to open her optics to no avail.
“I’ve got you. You can trust me.”
The good news was her audials were still working.
The bad news was she couldn’t move. She couldn’t escape this time.
“... w—why—?”
“Shh,” He soothed. “You’ve pushed yourself far enough. Rest for now, Elita. I’ll get you out of this.”
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 0 1
She always felt some sort of feeling every time she watched Harry play with Hugtan. The smiles on both their faces were the same. It was as if they were connected by some magical force. Well, maybe that was the case. Homare could never tell with Hugtan around.
Still, she could not deny that the smiles on their faces just lit up the room. The way Hugtan’s small, growing, baby teeth were squeezing out of her gums. The way Harry’s smile pressed against his cheeks to make the most handsome wrinkles. The way Hugtan’s hands reached toward him with a sense of neediness. The way he held her up as if it was just the two of them in the whole world.
It was ... Well ...
“That is so adorable!”
Homare bit her tongue. She had said it aloud. The two she had been admiring looked at her in surprise. Hugtan giggled, and her gorgeous, happy voice rang out Homare’s name. Homare smiled sheepishly in response, her cheeks glowing a light pink.
Harry chuckled and walked towa
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 1 0
“It’s a goldfish!” She said with excitement as she held the small bag of water in her hand. Inside, a tiny, fragile golden creature swam contently around its small space.
Pie raised an eyebrow. “A goldfish?”
“Yes!” She looked at the creature with an air of friendliness, as if she’d just adopted a puppy ... and not a useless aquatic animal that couldn’t be touched. It surprised Pie that she would be so excited about an animal she couldn’t cuddle or pet or just simply hold. “Isn’t it pretty?”
“So ... its purpose is for ... eye candy?” He used the term only to sound less professional and foreign to his favorite companion.
She giggled at his choice of words and continued. “Well ... yes. But just the idea that it’s alive and living its own little life in its own little world is so thrilling!”
“Thrilling?” He sounded so skeptical. She smiled.
“I suppose it’s als
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 2 2
Jane loved all her friends. They were all splendid to spend time with, and none ever showed her hatred. They were companions—allies—siblings, even! They could all read each other perfectly.
There was one, however, that not one could figure out. He was puzzle. Appropriately, given his clothing choice.
He was so many things packed into one. A jester, of course. A scholar. A singer. A dancer. In fact, it would be easier to list what he was not.
Perhaps Jane should have realized how special he was when she met him. But now that was all in the past. They were almost inseparable now. Though everyone knew that Dragon was her best friend, Jester was a very close second. Maybe that was not up to Jane, but rather Jester’s choice to be so close to her. However it was, they both enjoyed each other’s company.
Even Jane could admit that Jester was a big part of her life. She often found herself being reminded of him when she heard certain words.
Puzzle, of course. There was n
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 0 0
Vision used his scanners to search the room. The lounge was empty. He flew to the next room. It, too, was empty.
Next was the warehouse. Vision hesitated for a moment, pondering the possibility of the room being out of bounds for him and the rest of the Avengers.
He pushed the door open. Inside were many boxes. His optics told him no one was there, but there was a small thought in the back of his head that told him someone was playing with his mind.
"Wanda?" He whispered.
There was no response.
"Wanda, I know you're there," He, again, whispered.
He heard a small whimper in the corner of the large warehouse. He floated towards it, though, as he got closer, he started walking.
There was a pile of boxes. He figured she found a way around them so she could hide.
"Wanda?" He softly called.
"What do you want?" He heard a small, shaky voice say. It was a deep female voice with a Sokovian accent, telling him it was the one he was searching for.
"Everyone's searching for you," Vision r
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 1 9
Blue Bird
She was stuck.
In more ways than one, she was stuck. Stuck in her cage of a mansion. With several luxuries, and caretakers, you would think Minto was happy.
Quite the contrary.
Minto was stuck in a cage. She was constantly pestered with, like a wild bird experimented on, ever since she was hatched.
She wanted to be free. Oh! how she wanted to fly away. To be in that paradise known as the sky.
However, she knew, that no matter how many times she prayed or wished, she would never be truly free.
Until she met Ichigo, and her comrades.
That strawberry girl became the light of her day. She freed her from that cage. When Minto would rather sit, and drink tea, Ichigo would humor her. It may look annoying, but Minto was glad someone cared.
But that haunting feeling came again.
She was being experimented on.
Tokyo Mew Mew. The Mew Project. It was an experiment, and she was a part of it. She was not free.
No matter how hard she prayed or wished, she would never be free.
But Ryou thought otherwis
:iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 1 10
X-Girl Blink and Shadowcat by weirdfangirl59 X-Girl Blink and Shadowcat :iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 3 0 East Bookkeep: Ever After High OC by weirdfangirl59 East Bookkeep: Ever After High OC :iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 4 1 Tania Belle K.T.: Ever After High OC by weirdfangirl59 Tania Belle K.T.: Ever After High OC :iconweirdfangirl59:weirdfangirl59 4 0
My best works are literature fyi.


I auditioned for Bye Bye Birdie last night. Call-backs are tomorrow. SO EXCITED!!
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Was on an audio drama called Romance in Appleloosa as Pinkie Pie and Rarity! The audio series was created by :iconcorazoneunicorn:

MLP - Braxton, Tarsi, Coal, Eglantine, Potato Curry, and a ton of Next Gen.
Transformers - Buzzkill, Spiceguard, Stinger, Mistpolish, Shocker, Sugarspice, and Honeybee
Gargoyles - Genevieve Gardner

I also have a mass collection of characters from original works.


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