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One piece - Merry xmas

I know its not december 25 but who cares xD
This took me ageeeeeeeesss...but finally here hurhurhur :)

Sorry for the crappy fanart ): I could make it better but I was busy <_<;; yeah busy xD...Im not lying :U

Oh yeah and for the ones who didnt know...yes. santa. does. exists. Santa is not a big fat old man nor your own parents ..the truth is that Santa is luffy... *Goes to hunt some Santas

ooh and... Merry christmas or hanukkah for everyone!
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well chopper looks happy
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Luffy's the new Santa. XD
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Cute idea and ove how you draw them! :D
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Merry Christmas in May~! *I'm a big fan of it whenever wherever :D*
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my friend sent me a card and she knows i love one piece and she pasted it onto the card... u did a rly nice job on this :D is brook there behind the others? its the afro that made me notice
mrsAyasegawa's avatar
do i see Brooke? lol
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one piece rule forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I knew Luffy was Santa!!!! But nobody believed me. =T.T= Well now, here's proof, hehe. =^-^=
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Poor Chopper. At least no one has a whip at hand...
Great job.
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Tiis really cool! Nice Job! :D
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I like how Zoro isn't very festive/dressed up... he WOULD do that.... >_< hahahahahaaaaa Luffy/Santa! :D that's FANTASTIC!
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eso que se ve detras de sanji es el afro con la galerita de Brook??? O_O
WeirdAlchemist's avatar
SIIIIIIII XDDDDDDD bien subliminalmente
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haha chopper looks somewhat pissed off :XD:
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Ahaha! Chopper looks cute in this pic. And I love Zoro's expression :XD: You did such a wonderful job with this deviation!
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lol very cute i love the idea xD
i just wonder how they all fit into that poor sleigh :(
love the way u drew robin <33
dewiin's avatar
I understand why you've won its awsome !!! :D
WizardsOfHogwarts's avatar
i love the way you drew Luffy, he looks more picture
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~Koongo has uploaded avatars made of this pic. I was wondering if he got your permission?
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Oh thanks 0_0 No i didnt give him/her permission...thankyou -_-
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Lol, now that I look, it's the same pic. I was looking for avatars on google and found the heads in your picture. I apologise and will remove the picture. : )
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