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Eating 4

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Keep on enjoying yourself sweetheart. A belly like that isn't gonna be fat on its own. 
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uh oh, looks like you've almost outgrown that shirt. let me buy you a new one.
A girl with a creamy cheese centre!
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Just eat it !
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This is really sick.
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Why she hasn't puked or popped open yet!
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You're very hot but before you know it you might be popping out of that pink shirt 
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Yes ! I hope( "popping") so!
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ugh all these fat slobs! and don't give a shit if im american!
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No need for the hate.
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Sorry I just think its a bit weird to post pictures of fat people getting fatter because ain't nobody got time for that ._.
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Most people do. We all have our kinks.
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This is why i love american women.
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what is here real name i whant a date whit here so she can feed me up like 2 time.s fatter then that belly
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what is here rell name i whant a date
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i would be fatter at this skinny cow
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ouch... that must hurt alot Sweating a little... 
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Yes, a 'hottie'!

If this is the same girl as in 'Eating 6', then she is lovely to behold (both times).

HI, I am Dany KANTOR, a French Film Maker, Script Writer and Producer.
I am lokking for, for my next movie, a girl who practice Fattening and Feedering.
If you are interested, please send me a CV, mensurations and 3 pics at:
Yours sincerely

Film Director, Producer
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wtf? that chick just looks pregnant xD
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