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this is the second journal skin I did in collaboration with *tincek-marincek - the first one was Nature

take a look at the live skin preview

and of course it's free to install, enjoy!! :)

|| ---- design&graphics: *tincek-marincek
|| ---- coding: *weida34
|| ---- text in the preview image taken from BlindTextGenerator

|| -------------------- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------- ||

look at the preview image above =P
all the codes are explained there
I hope it's clear enough - if not shoot me a note :)
© 2012 - 2022 weida34
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thank you very very much :)
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Oh wow, it looks great! And it's free to use? Thank you very much. <3
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Wow! You're so nice to code this and to give this to people. What coding languages do you know?
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This is really cool thank you so much for explaining the codes for me :D
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thanks! and welcome
just trying to make things easier to use :)
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Well it certainly helps! :D I can't thank you enough! :D
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Hey there. :) I have created a green version of this as I have asked. [link] But I can't find the hovers. They are orange. I have searched for the hex-code of the color it has but I didn't find it with my firefox-search. Is there any way to change this color into green, too?
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hi :)
sorry for being late, was away from dA for weeks...

for the hover color on the thumbnails find this line:
.thumbs .shadow-holder .shadow a img:hover { background: #f97f47; }

oh, and this is the line for the hover on the comments link:
.journalbottom a:hover { color: #f97f47; background: #f5e5ad; }

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Arw thank you. <3
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omg I love this journal skin <3<3<3
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Just saw this now. Looks really great. I always enjoy the skins you both make together. You should do it more often :giggle:
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this should have been published way back, as you probably remember :ashamed:
i'm still feeling bad about it, like i've let you down in a way..

thanks, really :hug:
:shh: we've got something in the oven right now.. ;)
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
Don't worry about that anymore! That was a loooooooong time ago :hug:

Looking forward to see that :happybounce:
xo-sadasha-ox's avatar
Are we allowed to change the header and the colors? I would not change the credits. :)
This journal is very beautiful, but I would like to change the orange and the head into something more specific for my jorunal (horses x3).

Would be happy to hear from you. Your journal skins are amazing!
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i think we should ask *tincek-marincek about it, only fair cos it's her design :)
i'll show her this comment and let's see what she says, ok?
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About changing colors on this skin... yea, you have my permission :D :la:
xo-sadasha-ox's avatar
yaaaaay. thank youuuu. :tighthug: :la:
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