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March 1, 2012
Nature by ~weida34 and *tincek-marincek The suggester said, "this skin is so clean and well laid out". It also has many options for you to use and choose from. Do read the Artist's Comments on how to use it!

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so, this is my and *tincek-marincek's contribution to this year's CSS Calendar Project run by ^ginkgografix
you should check it out: there's a new design every day - starting with dec 1st - all the way to xmas day

this skin is free to use :)
... if this install will work ;P

you can see a live preview of this skin

|| -- design&graphics: *tincek-marincek
|| -- coding: *weida34

the background in this skin is a part of *tincek-marincek's artwork:

//------ I N S T R U C T I O N S

:bulletgreen: the basic structure:

the following is what you need to copy and paste in your journal for the thing to work:

<div class="contentwrapper">

__here comes your journal content__

<div class="specialFeature"></div>

even if you don't use the specialFeature option, you can leave it there for the journal to have a nice rounded bottom. or you can leave it out, if you don't want it :) though, the contentwrapper is a must!!

:bulletgreen: t i t l e s:

you enclose the subtitles with <div class="subTitle"></div>
and the smaller titles with <div class="minorTitle"></div>

:bulletgreen: f e a t u r e s:

code for the feature that appears in the body of journal:

<div class="feature"></div>

and then you just put your thumbnails in, like this for example:
<div class="feature">thumb0000 thumb0000 thumb0000 thumb 0000</div>

:bulletgreen: floating boxes:

example from the preview would be written like this:

<div class="thumbBox floatLeft fancy">your_thumbnail_here <em>your_text_here</em></div>

you see there are 3 classes: thumbBox, floatLeft and fancy

1. thumbBox is a must
2. instead of floatLeft you can use floatRight, depending where you want to float the box, but you have to use one of them
3. fancy is optional, it gives the slightly brighter background to the box and a hint of a border, so if you drop this class nothing changes only the background and borders are gone

enclosing text in <em></em> ensures that it doesn't wrap around the thumbnail, instead it moves beneath it

:bulletgreen: special feature:

<div class="specialFeature"></div>

basically, you can use every feature as above, that is titles, floating boxes...

only when it comes to featuring thumbs you use class thumbs

the code for special feature like you see it in the preview would look something like this:

<div class="specialFeature">
<div class="subTitle">
Special Feature for xy deviant</div>
<div class="thumbs">

//------ end of I N S T R U C T I O N S

errr.. i hope that's not too complicated ^^; you're free to drop me a note!

probably took me longer to write these instruction than the coding itself .. having a senile computer sucks ;P

i'd really appreciate some feedback on this, if you use it, how it looks in different browsers - i use firefox myself

hope you like it.. :)
© 2010 - 2022 weida34
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Ravyre's avatar
I think this journal is beautiful, but is it still useable?
I receive this error message and looks like a standard journal with not CSS or HTML added at all. "Forbidden property (token: -moz-border-radius-topleft)"
Astrikos's avatar
This is very beautiful!
May-Brush's avatar
Ullises's avatar
Hello. This work has been featured by me here: [link] :)
littlewip's avatar
May i use this?
weida34's avatar
hi there :)
it's free to use, of course, but you need to be a premium member to be able to use it
littlewip's avatar
well we had a premium membership yesterday for everyone.
weida34's avatar
oh, right! missed that :)
KW-Scott's avatar
Well I think it's wonderful and I plan to use it in the future! :D Thank you so much for sharing :D
CrissaRain's avatar
I cant try this T_T
weida34's avatar
yeah.. only premium members can use skins, sorry .. :hug:
CrissaRain's avatar
ah,, I know it now :iconsaywhaplz: .. huhu .. its okay Weida~ thanks for told me :iconweekenddanceplz:
Odyrah's avatar
Beautiful and clean, so using this!
weida34's avatar
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
Congrats on the DD! I'll have to use this for my photo journals!
weida34's avatar
thanks! and for all the faves as well :hug:

cool avatar! :D
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
My pleasure! :huggle:

`Synfull is doing the avatars on commision. She's posted some free to use versions as well. =)
Nilanja's avatar
the journal is really awesome!! thanks for sharing it :love:
I had a bit of problems using all these features but after a lot of time I did it haha and it looks awesome :heart:
weida34's avatar
thanks so much, Pezi! :hug:
Nilanja's avatar
you're very welcome :D
SilEnigmaArts's avatar
Congrats on the DD Vida !! :clap::clap:
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