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|| UPDATE 17-may-2012 ------------------------------------------------------------ ||

There's version 2 available for this skin with some bugs fixed - MetalliC_V2

------------------------------------------------------------ ||

this is the third journal skin I did in collaboration with *tincek-marincek

this time we're taking part in deviantART Related Collaboration Contest

live preview follows...

it's free to install, enjoy!! ;)

i'd appreciate some feedback, ive only tried this in firefox

|| ---- (C) design: *tincek-marincek
|| ---- (C) coding: *weida34
|| ---- metal texture: WebTreats

|| -------------------- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------- ||

everything is explained in the preview image above
if something still ain't clear, just ask :)

|| -------------------------------------------------------------- ||

our previous two journal skins: Nature and Sketchbook
© 2012 - 2022 weida34
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Fabulous skin! Thank you so much!
weida34's avatar
welcome! and thank you! :)
there's an improved version of this one which works much better
Nesqa's avatar
Nice, I'm trying it :)
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er111a's avatar
I love this!! :D this is a skin I am trying out! :)
er111a's avatar
Can you make me a custom one? :D
weida34's avatar
hmm.. why not :shrug: ;)
what do you have in mind?
er111a's avatar
Something sick! :D
with my user name in the back ground! :)
something that just screams cool
and a little sleeping cat(manly) on the bottom corner :)
and anything else that would look cool
Thank you if you can do this! :D
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oh and you are a clever cookie ;)
Chartokai's avatar
This is AWESOME and my new journal skin!
weida34's avatar
Chartokai's avatar
You're very welcome!
ArtWorksAustraliaCar's avatar
geez you're a clever cookie Vee!!! :clap:
weida34's avatar
:blush: :hug:

if you'll ever need a custom journal skin.. ;)
ArtWorksAustraliaCar's avatar
you're the girl for the job!!!! :party:
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