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[long post] The Ring. -3

By Wei723
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This is [The ring. -2] sequel, although I say it's a sequel, The story is before [The ring. -1] and after [The ring. -2].
By the way, I drew this because I occasionally get the dialogue with Garrus , and it gave me a lot of imaginations.

--All characters belong to Bioware.
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Damn, the expressions are so realistic.

Well, now I'm crying.

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I didn't need to cry today but ok
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I'm not crying....YOU'RE CRYING!.......(and now for the same comment everyone else says:) damnit why couldn't this be in the game?!
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holy hell this strip
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In my opinion, this is the canon version.
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Why couldn't this be in the game? T^T
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your drawings are... flawless *__*
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This is positively the most beautiful Mass Effect fan art I have ever seen.  It says so much without having to say it.  The art is flawless, it's beautiful, the frames flow together like a story, and the past and future events flow just as seamlessly.  *gushes*  :3  Great job!
Psh. I'm not crying. You're the one that's blurry
Incredible work, and so moving!
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How dare you toy with my emotions like this Miuna Crying Icon 
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Is there more??
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So did he propose to her after she was in the hospital or were the blue scenes a flash forward?
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I'd say that the proposal took place before the hospital (end game, I'm guessing, based on the darker scenes).  Notice how in the 2nd-to-last panel, Shep has bandages on her face, as she does in the hospital bed.  She's also wearing the ring at that time.  He proposes, only to nearly lose his fiance.

In other words, I believe the present is the hospital.  White backgrounds are older, happy flashbacks to the proposal.  Darker panels are flashbacks to the more recent event of the end run. 

Wei723 The flashes between their happy night and the end run, where she forces him to go to safety nearly broke my heart.  You captured it perfectly, in my opinion.  Also, my favorite panels are tied for first. One is when Garrus looks down with a smile to place the ring on Shepard's finger, and the other is Shep's bravely smiling expression when she tells Garrus to leave.
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The feels are real ..... t^t
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I'm not even fully getting what's going on here, but those last few panels just hit me hard!  QAQ
It seems to be a flashback. Garrus and Shep seem to be enjoying an evening together at Shep's new apartment(from the DLC), when he proposes, and she tearfully accepts. add some flash forward scenes from the Final Run to the Beam, and an ending with the lovers reunited as Shep recovers, hand in hand.
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omg this is just soo beautiful and touching I cried!!! happy cry XD 
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Choo choo, all aboard the feels train Heart Heart 

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It hurts...I'm gonna dry! You draw so well. The colores, the lights and shadows. And the style is so true to ME. I'm a bomb of emotions right now....Excuse me....Waaaah! 
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Most moving imagery and character interactions
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