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hold me tight

By Wei723
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I'm drawing the clothes for Garrus and Shep in short comic "The Ring-2". It was only the draft first, but I kind like this action so I just finished it.

It was suppose to release them after "The Ring" series finish, but why not just release them eariler, becuase I'm not so sure when will I finish the last part.

Also made a new wallpaper

By the way, I still don't know how to call the cloth under armer... Protective clothing? Undersuit?what,who,where? 

--All characters belong to Bioware.
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Im More Interested im that JACKET Shepard Has, It Has No N7 LOGO ON IT
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You are awesome! Can you so Shepard x Liara? 
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Please make more of these I am loving your style <3
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I love the looks in their eyes, I really do.
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Yeah, I love it! Of course, most of your artworks would make a great wall-decor :3 (and as in "Good Night Shepard"s case, a great PS3 background picture :D)
I find it kind of funny, that no matter how many artworks Bioware releases (i.e. "sells"), they just somehow can't capture the emotions/feel of their own game.
Artist like yourself make SO MUCH of a better job, be it just from a visual standpoint, or as I said from an emotional. (Or in most cases of statues/figures, the don't even resemble the characters, and are HIDEOUS XD)
Btw, looking over your animated pictures, make us an anime already! Pleeeeeeez :D
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Just got my print of it! Sooooo lovely! :)
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HAHA Thank you!
hope you'll like it Love
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This pairing always felt more natural than some of the well as the one that was most fleshed out compared to the others...still you portray the entire combined feelings in this image.
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Awwwwwww, your FemShep x Garrus are always so cute !!!
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Lovely pair-///- <3
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This is so beautiful. <3 I love this pic so much. 
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I love it so much!
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Beautiful *picks up mandible off the floor*
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I absolutely love all your Shakarian work.  ^_^  Its beautiful and you capture the emotion really well.
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under-armor / undersuit are all ok.
looks great on her lithe frame, and it also serves as a catsuit. XD
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I have an honest question for you, have you ever considered doing a nude/semi nude image? Idk, your style and perfection for detail is always a fantastic thing to look at, and that is just the still images. I mean it doesn't even have to be straight nudity or sex, be simple like this and just have Garrus pulling down a zipper on her front or back (depending on the clothing of course, dress, shirt, etc. . .) I just feel like YOU would do it PERFECT. Plus I would love to see how you imagine it.

Other than that I have no words to describe how much I love this image, you always surprise and bring us to tears of joy, don't you dare stop! :tighthug:
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I've thinking about draw some images with half naked or wit NSFW.

The reason why I haven't finish them is that I'm not good at dealing these kind of images,
and also have some dignity issue, so most time I just draw some draft then give up.
Maybe someday I have conquer these two issues i will try to finish the composition you said :D
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