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are you still there?

By Wei723
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It physically hurts me to look at this...
This one broke my heart...
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Lays down. Tries not to cry. Cries a lot. Stare 
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Spechie's avatar
STOP. NO. D On t
FairyMela's avatar
*cries forever*
BastArt6's avatar
I am crying T^T
AmyNChan's avatar
I feel like I'm missing something huge...
LightyCat's avatar
I shed a few tears from this..<3

( used)
I just died a little.
BlueLionEyes's avatar
Meet me at the bar. ;v; *goes to cry in corner now*
EveFarrel's avatar
...I know what this is supposed to represent but all I can think about when I first saw this is the Shepard VI program.  And that just kind of makes me sad.
CiaraWhelan's avatar
XD Thanks.  Now you've infected me, too.  Haha. 

But really, this picture actually made me a bit misty-eyed.
EveFarrel's avatar
Yeah I know, I'm sorry...
blackangel268's avatar
omg now you got me thinking about it...that IS sad D:
EveFarrel's avatar
Yeah, I know... I'm just not going to think about Garrus buying one of those just because he misses Shepard.
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Thanks for making a man cry. ^x^
LillianDrakos's avatar
THE FEELS!!! snuggy sob Pikachu crying plz 1 Cry run 
LupiizVakarian's avatar
Right on the feels...but is amazing! 
ReignitedN7's avatar
I'm not sure if you're into fanfic, but there is a story called "The Shepard Code" on I've ready this story several times and this picture is the embodiment of that story! 

I really think you should go and read it, it's a tear jerker! 

And once again, beautiful work Wei!
fadburg3r's avatar
That was my first thought seeing this image as well, I thought this was an illustration for it for sure ^^;

That fanfic made me cry buckets...
Wei723's avatar

Awwwww my heart!!!!

god I feel hurt and sweet at the same time!

thank you for share this 
beautiful fanfic with meWaaaah! 
ReignitedN7's avatar
See what I mean!!! It fits PERFECTLY!! 

And I'm sure you've heard this too- but I'm just gonna throw it out there. Look up 'Reignite' by Malukah on YouTube. I LOVE this song, I draw and write to it all the time lol

And as always Wei, you and your artwork are just amazing. Keep it up my friend ;)
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