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Good Night Shepard.

By Wei723
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Good night, sweet dreams.


--All characters belong to Bioware.
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© 2012 - 2021 Wei723
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This is my absolute favorite out of all your drawings. The pose and their expressions are so sweet <333
Would you ever consider putting this on a mug too? I'd love to have one!
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Their postures and expressions are prefect, I really love this one.
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It is beautiful, solemn, tender... I love it. Great work.
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Hey, I love your Mass Effect art ^^ I'd like to use this drawing as a banner for my twitch channel of course giving you the credit, is it posible? Thank you so much ^^
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Sure, You can use my picture on your twitch banner. :)
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One of the best Mass Effect fan art ever.
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Awwwwww....  that's so adorable!  *^_^*
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so stinking cute!! and your art is amazing I cant handle it!!! :iconaartplz:
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oh my goodness this was you!! I fell in love with this pic months ago. found it randomly via google. have quite literaly just stumbled across your profile
...very happy right now, kinda like a kid in a sweet shop
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I found this on an app and had no idea who the artist was. So glad I now know! This is currently my phone background because it makes me happy to see every time. :)
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Adorable!  I love how you've captured this moment.
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I love this picture so much. You really capture what makes them such a great couple. :)
My new wallpaper. :) I love the textures, and Garrus's not-unpleasantly-surprised look.
Shepard:  "What's going on Garrus?"

Garrus:  "Oh hey there Shepard.  I'm just finishing up on some calibrations."

Shepard:  "Not gonna sleep?"

Garrus:  "Maybe later."

Shepard:  "...Alright."  *Plops pillow*

Garrus:  "Shepard, maybe you should--"

Shepard:  "Good night Garrus..."
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This is my iPhone lock screen I hope you don't mind....
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Im so jealous! so gorgeous! 
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I wish Turians were real, I just have so much love for those rigid bastards! Those glorious, magnificent bastards!
I bet you thought you could just slip the quote in? Well I caught you, because... I READ YOUR BOOK!
mivpus's avatar
My... my book?
You read "Careful what you wish for?"
La la la la 
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