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What Is Worth Fighting For?

Prints: Twilight Poster at Society 6
The cover to the album of the long awaited Twilight Symphony by Zelda Reorchestrated!!

I worked closely with the ZREO team for the last several months to produce this as well as the design for the rest of the album. This is charcoal on four 15"x 20" sheets of drawing paper. It took about 20 hours, was scanned and brought into photoshop were I stitched it, cleaned it up and added color.

It was an incredible blessing to work with Jeron and the team, because I had been a fan of ZREO for years, and never ever had thought that I might one day work with them! And I loved Zelda, especially OoT and MM.

Soli Deo Gloria


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Out of all the games, Twilight Princess does one of the best jobs of fleshing out our Protagonist in terms of his lifestyle, these kids give him a reason to care about saving Hyrule.
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Gorgeous scenery, love the ambience which this picture has.

For its time, it was beautiful to see that bloom effect paint the world as the sun went down in the game.

Fantastic work.
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A complete melanchodelia
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This is stunning. Grin revamp 
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Amazing, and exhilarating!
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nice's just..intense
MakorraLove12's avatar So, I honestly don't know what to say, haha....this...this is beyond beautiful. I love the title and the I feel like whatever I saw won't be good enough to describe how much I love this picture and to describe how beautiful and amazing and beyond perfect this is. Excellent job! :D :heart:
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Holy fuck this is beautiful
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0_0 all I can say is..EPIC!
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O_O damn...20hours..thats pretty damn good!
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Wow... That mood...
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Interesting panorama :) Great work on the colors, really fits to TP well done!
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This is amazing :happybounce:

Fantastic work!

I like how Link is there with the children and the wolf is well detailed, wow!
You know trying to imagine which way the twilight is going whether it's about to overtake hyrule again or whether link and the children are watching as it is being lifted from off the earth both views are telling a completely different story.
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Speechless, amazing work! And to answer that rhetorical question, of course it's worth fighting for, it's always worth fighting for.
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This is stunning. The coloring and overall mood are perfect to the game. I love it.
My only critique is that Link is depicted to be right-handed here, when he is actually canonically left-handed. It's inconsistent as Wolf Link appears with the proper left paw chain, and the rest of the artwork for the album seems otherwise canonical. I apologize for how nit-picky that seems. I don't intend to demean the artwork, because it's still lovely!
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ohmygosh is that a Poe hiding in the tree? I didn't notice him before!
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This is incredible, it perfectly, PERFECTLY, encapsulates everything about the game when I think of it.
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