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The Nine Muses

By wegs
cleaning my room, found this and decided to upload!

I drew it for the ink category at JCL convention :P it's all ballpoint.

The nine muses! Go read about them and see if you can guess who each one is.

I had fun doing their hair~
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Hi , i love your painting and i would love to print it on a shirt and wear it while i shoot my episodes on greek theater for my upcoming youtube channel in 2020. Please text me and tell me if its ok or if you want something for the cooyright or if its ok if i put your name on the shirt and make a note on the credits of the videos. Thank you very much

Hi Lindsey, I have just finished writing a collection of nines sonnets based on the nine muses. I am currently printing these on cards and presenting them to friends and family as presents as a small box set. I would love to use this image on the box lid. The image really captures what I have found deeply moving in my study of the Muses: strength, passion, intelligence, independence, femininity, wit, and vitality. I will very happily acknowledge your work on the first card inside the box. Is this the web page I should include? Tim. 
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Melpomene, put that knife down. :)
Would you be willing to contract out or sell the copyright of this piece? If so let me know. My company would love to use it.
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Wow! I like your version of these classic characters! Well done! 
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After the first nine, a tenth, Pictoria, was added to represent painting, sculpture and architecture.
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A great rendering giving teh girls distinct features but a uniform style. Could you offer this as a print? Id buy 2 to start!
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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Very beautiful work :D
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Looks like you followed their emblems. So going from the top clockwise:
Writing Tablet = Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry
Cithara = Erato, Muse of Love Poetry
Scroll = Clio, Muse of History
Comedic Mask = Thalia, Muse of Comedy
Lyre = Terpsichore, Muse of Dance
Tragic Mask = Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy
Finger to Mouth (Where's her veil?) = Polyhymnia, Muse of Hymns
Aulos = Euterpe, Muse of Song
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I love this. It looks beautiful. I like no each muse is clearly different but they all fit together/complement each other in some way.
I felt in love with this one, I'll tattoo this on my leg :B
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I like how different you were able to make each one. Good job.
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The one in the center with the double flute is Euterpe. The one with the happy theatre mask is Thalia. Melpomene is the one with the drama theatre mask. Terpsichore has the harp. Erato has the lyre. The one at the top I think must be Calliope. Urania is holding the globe and compass? I think Cleio is holding the scroll, and the final one is Polyhymnia. Amirite? Or horribly wrong? Lol
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Nice art! I would like to ask for permission if it's okay to have your art be part of my list on my site? I am looking forward to feature some great gods and goddesses on my site. You can check out my site here, at the bottom. Of course I'll put a credit that this is your own art. :)
Hope you'll agree! \(^_^)/
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sure n_n I'd be honored. Thanks!
Hi there! I would like to use the image as the picture for an inspiration lesson on my website. I will use the credit that you mentioned below. Would this be O.k?
Oh my God! This is fantastic! Would you mind if I based at tattoo off of this design? I have literally been searching for something like this for the last two years.
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This is AMAZING!!!!!! i love it!
i love melpomene
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can I use it on my website? =D
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depends! How do you want to use it, specifically?
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I have a small business that sells wines and stuff called MUSE, and i really loved your drawing.
it's directed to young people, and we already have a formal logo, just wanted to use the drawing on the header of the page, indicating that's an online store, called "Muse's tavern"


thanks a lot for the response!
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