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OSe-Light + Xtrlght GTK themes for elementary OS

Last update: 08/24/2017 (changelog in featured comments below)

NEW: TWO (mostly) clean and light themes for elementary OS with elements of the Arc, OSX and elementary themes.
Additional OSe-Xtrlght theme ... with smaller and lighter .svg window buttons. (see Update comment below, reminiscent of Yose-Alpha theme by Kxmylo)

NOTE: This theme is for GTK+ 3.18.x ONLY
... and only tested on elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki and it might or might not work for you.

ICON THEME: MY-Remix of Mine Yosemite: (not bundled with GTK theme)

- download ZIP (upper right on this page here)
- unpack into ~/.themes folder (or create it in Home first)
- Use elementary Tweaks > Appearance > GTK+ to choose the theme

This theme is a fork of the OSX-Arc-Collection theme by LINXGEM33 on
... which again is a fork of the glorious Arc theme by horst3180
... and includes functional CSS elements (Wingpanel (.panel) and Photos (.checkerboard-layout)) from the og elementary OS theme by Daniel Foré.

Design changes, repairs, elementary OS specific code (in regard to OSX-Arc-...):
* NEW: GTK switches (not PNG), elementary OS checkboxes and radio buttons, more vibrant elementary brand "blueberry" color for accents and selection.
* changed Pantheon Files (Marlin) and Nautilus sidebars to a solid, slightly cold, light grey
* also no transparency of headerbar/toolbar (totally irritating IMO)
* reduced header-bar window button padding (spacing)
* adjusted greyish window title and sidebar font colors
* changed transparency of Wingpanel from alpha 0.5 to 0.3 (readability is still there and it blends a little bit nicer with your wallpaper IMO).
** reinstated correct elementary OS specific and adaptive WINGPANEL behaviour: dark transparent background with light and/or noisy wallpapers, fully transparent with dark and clean wallpapers, solid black with maximized windows.
** corrected a graphic glitch with 3rd party themes in Pantheon PHOTOS by inserting the code from the og elementary theme from apps.css to GTK-3.18/gtk.css  (.checkerboard-layout) (this issue with 3rd party themes here:… )
** installed/copied CSS for GTK Listboxes etc. for correct panel widget theming. (not just blinding white)
** corrected GTK Dialog button spacing (in reg. to OSX Arc)

Issues ... There are still some inconsistencies if you flip the switch to "prefer dark ..." (dark theme) but maybe I'll sort this out too one day.
Right now emphasize is on the light theme.

Also NOT (!) BUNDLED with the GTK theme but pictured above:

* WALLPAPER in preview:…

* GOOGLE DRIVE is mounted at startup via google-drive-ocamlfuse (free). Find detailled info on how to set it up here:…

*... and DOCKY is used instead of Plank as dock launcher.

* DESKTOP ICONS: I added Nautilus as a secondary file browser and set it to handle and display desktop icons via one of the answers here:…

Recommended desktop font: Open Sans (elementary OS standard font)
Tip: For more consistency, in Tweaks set window title font to: Open Sans SEMIBOLD (so it matches nicely with GTK .title font-weight: 600)
(Yes, San Francisco Display font MIGHT look better, lighter and more mac-ish but IMO only on hidpi / retina displays.)

>> Just doing this as a "learning by doing" hobby. <<

Yes, you can request sth. and point me to glitches and bugs, but I can't guarantee that I'll (or am able to) take care of it.
Feel free to fork and improve this theme yourself! ... and then please keep me in the loop as I might want to use it too! =)

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Absolutely love this theme! Wonderful job! I'd love to see it updated to work with eOS Hera though.

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This is so Awesome :) But unfortunately it dose not work on 5.1 Hera. Only for this theme, I install Loki on my usb drive. Please update. plz plz.. So that i can use on 5.1.

Man i hope you update this theme for GTK 3.22.30, i was in absolute love with this theme! Can the comments recommend any theme that looks clean like this ?

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Thanks for the awesome theme! works perfectly!
Hello, I like your theme, can you please create a repo in github so we can help you making it better?
congratulations, this works
Hey, it seems that tweaks cannot detect themes that i paste already on both /.theme folder or /usr/share/theme, any solution for this?
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hey the "File System" Level Bar on the side panel has no border and it also covers the bottom of the words "File System". How can I fix this?
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I'm sorry. I have tried multiple ways to fix this but can't find the culprit. It really would be cool to get help fixing this. This guy here made a new theme based on the original elementary theme and got it to work. The theme looks great but is a bit darker and uses more gradients than mine.

Granite Gtk 3.18 by DannexReloadex
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Yes, that's my theme :D
wefunkster's avatar
Any idea how to fix the drive level bars in Files?
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Great! Thanks! Trying to swap this for anything old regarding .sidebar, .source-list and .storage-bar.
Will try tonight! 
ChesshiireCat's avatar
You're welcome, good luck! :)
Hey dude, look at that improvement for the plank tooltip.…
Hi guy, can u fix appearance of theme in GTK applications? Look the errors and your fix in this theme:…. For example: Gparted's bad appearance. Thank you.
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Strangely not all GTK2 apps are affected. I hadn't noticed that Gparted somehow doesn't apply the theme at all. (not using Gparted ever besides when installing a system.)
I'll look into it. But right now I'm working on new themes forked directly from the elementary theme, brightening it up, changng colors a bit and reducing gradients. Then offering this with alternative window controls as well. Eventually this might be ready before I find the reason why this bug happens in OSe Light / Xtrlght.
Cool! Don't forgive of create a github repository for this project. There other people can help you.
wefunkster's avatar
Good idea. I'll look into it for sure.
Wonderful work, congrats! Just sent you a donation through Paypal! :) It's not big deal, I'm a poor guy, but it's a sign of my gratitude. Cheers
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Wow! Thanks a lot! That pays for multiple coffees! Much appreciated! ... and it's the first donation I received. Very very cool!
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Minor UPDATE OSe-Light / -Xtrlght, 08/24/2017:

* Changed Searchbox border radius to 4px (was 20px) = soft box instead of fully round "pillbox".
* ALL accents and selections now use the elementary brand vibrant #3892e0 "blueberry" color. (had forgotten to apply the changes to GTK2 too).
* Shaved off another pixel of header-bar height in OSe-Xtrlght.

Bildschirmfoto von 2017-08-24 08.47.55 by wefunkster  
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MAJOR UPDATE (again, sorry!) OSe-Light / OSe-Xtrlght, 08/21/2017:

* NOW TWO themes: New additional OSe-Xtrlght theme with smaller (12px instead of 14px) and brighter/pastel colored window buttons. (also .svg instead of .png) ... (reminiscent of Yose-Alpha theme by Kxmylo ):

Bildschirmfoto von 2017-08-22 10.02.11 by wefunkster  

* GTK switches (not PNG), (animations, f*** yeah!)
* elementary style checkboxes and radio buttons,
* elementary brand vibrant #3892e0 "blueberry" color for accents and selection. (a bit more poppin' than #5294e2)
* deleted redundant code and assets: Themes got much leaner.
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UPDATE to v. OSe-Light-1, 08/20/2017:

Finally got the button spacing/padding for GTK Dialogs right. Before they were really tightly pressed to the bottom and into the corners.
Now with correct spacing around them this looks much better IMO. ... eg. in Shutdown dialog or in small apps like Color Picker.
(Original OSX-Arc CSS was messing/interfering with the elementary GTK Widget CSS for dialogs.)

If you enjoy this theme, please consider buying me a coffee (by making a small donation) via PayPal:
I know I'm an amateur but I'm putting quite a lot of time on the weekends into it. I would be really thankful for a little sign of appreciation. =)

Much nicer button spacing now:

Bildschirmfoto von 2017-08-20 12.01.54 by wefunkster  
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