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MY-Remix 04 - icon theme for elementary OS

By wefunkster
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This is a standalone icon theme remixed from "Mine-Yosemite" for use on elementary OS.
("standalone" meaning it doesn't have to inherit icons from Mine, just from elementary)
... it might or might not look shit on other distros!
... file browser DOES look shit with dark sidebar / dark themes. Forget it!

>> GTK theme in preview is OSe-Xtrlght: <<

>> Remixed / features / differences to Mine-Yosemite: <<
* Wingpanel status icons (and some other, actions, etc.) are inherited from elementary and hicolor icons for correct scaling.
* Redshift monochrome (white) icons for use on dark panel or backgrounds (wingpanel text is white). (Delete them if you don't like them (in apps and in status)).
* Monochrome icons for Pantheon Files sidebar.
* trash-full.svg is replaced by my version, filled with crumbled paper ... or so.

- download ZIP (upper right sidebar >)
- unpack into Home > .icons folder (or create it first)
- Use elementary Tweaks to choose the theme

All original (Yosemite-)Mine-style icon artwork by hakamybs!…


04: elementary style settings icon. If you prefer the macish cog wheels, go to MY-Remix-04/scalable/apps/ and rename the preferences-desktop(-1).svg files accordingly. (easy)
03: Renamed preferences-system.svg to preferences-desktop.svg for Mac-like system settings icon.
02: Retouched the user-trash icon in Files sidebar to better blend with the rest (light grey background with transparency when selected).
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nice theme icons
Hello. How did you get desktop icons like that?
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Sorry, I COMPLETELY misread your question regarding the DESKTOP icons:
I added Nautilus as a secondary file browser and set it to handle and display desktop icons via the second answer here:…

The offside is that you get a different file browser interface when using the desktop entries.
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By applying the icon theme.
* Use "Download" button on the upper right of this page.
* Unpack into Home folder > .icons (or create this hidden folder first).
* Use elementary Tweaks (apearance tab) to choose this theme for icons.