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A one page strip I did for InvestComics and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's "Deadly Tales: One and Done" contest.
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This was the entry that was actually picked and published! Can you believe it? There were better artists and writers and this isn't even the submission of mine that I would have picked (although it is the funniest).
If you'd like your copy and would like to donate to a good cause (specifically The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund) then go and buy your copy here!
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I've always liked the idea of old TV shows and old movies being rebooted and turned into NEW movies and NEW TV shows... it's just that I don't think that "Hollywood" does the right ones all the time. One of the best would be The 6 Million Dollar Man, but of course in this day and age, he'd be "The 6 Billion Dollar Man."
Of course in this day and age, the government would never pay for something like that for JUST ONE GUY. Instead, they'd implement a Bionic Command like Skynet and say to hell with human soldiers.
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