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Regales Quest l Will You be my Valentine?

Perhaps your Ballator has been eyeing another Ballator with hearts in their eyes. And perhaps you've been eyeing somebody else's style with just as much admiration.
Pick out an artist you really admire from the community and draw your EB and their EB in the other person's style!

Featuring:… Khepresh
Thunder's Venenum Noctae

Khepresh can't handle Toxin versions of a race nor the joke of the finishline (Nor impress her!)

THis was an incredibly tough decision but always  Nemenos 's many styles just grab me and throw me to the floor whenever she ends up in my watch box. I've gained even more respect to her as she manages balance all the intrigue of realism but the easy on the eyes cartoonism. As well she's leaves the eb community some of the most insightful and encouraging comments! 

I'm very tired writing this so sorry for any mistakes and I'm so sorry if I butchered your style worked on this for about week and half intensely
Toxin (C) :iconnemenos:
Refernce for Toxin's pose: by :iconfillyrox:
Refernce for Khepresh's pose: :by :iconchunga-stock:
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Oh God I can't believe I didn't see this earlier! This is absolutely amazing,
and everything I write now doesn't live up to the sheer amount of epicness this is xD
First of all, it is such an honour for me to see my style drawn by you, it just means so much to me that you 
took your time to look at my art and interpreted it like this :heart:

But back to your art xD
I really really love the shading you did, especially the different hues for the shading, and how you faded them into the background!
Those daring strokes really do something to me too, and both of their poses look so lively and energetic O:
I just like everything about this drawing :heart:

Last but not least, and almost my favourite aspect of it is how you incorporated both of their personalities into it!
It means a lot to me that you included Toxin's bitchy temper xD

I'm 100% sure I forgot something I had planned on writing here, but I hope you get the message and the obscene amounts of squee I'm sending with it! :heart: :huggle:
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Excuse the lateness on this, I've been trying to craft a response that is equal to yours <3

I found myself staring at your art so much that i figured might as well express my fondness of your art. At first I was doing very subtle shading but I realized how bold and passionate your strokes are and I'm glad it shows. Not to mention how you always incorporate the colors in the scenery with lightning and shading and that technique just happily marries everything. Just really, doing this makes me admire you even more and so honored that you like it.

And of course! I can totally relate to her sense of humor, heh!
Citharoedum's avatar
This is so amazing omlord :heart:
The background, the colours, the everything is ugh so good
weewight's avatar
Eeep, thank you dear!! That means so much because so many of your pieces are all those things :heart:
Citharoedum's avatar
No worries at all :heart:
Aw thank you so much ;w;