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My first tattoo

By Weeshery
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I got this on November 28, 2008. For those who are unaware of what the symbol is, it's from an anime/manga called "Vampire Knight." It is on a gun called the Bloody Rose. Yes this is real, and this was shot the day after I got it. :)

This tattoo healed up nicely and when I got it touched up we fixed certain aspects of it. I had this tat touched up twice, meaning I got it done three times.

You can see my second tattoo here.

Before anyone flames me, it's my body, and I choose what to put on it, or do with it. :D

All the best!~
Alyssa Rosalynn
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Ah, I knew it was from VK! Sweet tattoo! :heart:
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Thank-you very much! :) Also thanks for adding it to your favourites. You yourself have a lovely gallery. I just faved a bunch and watched you! :heart: Keep up the marvelous work dear!
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I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm terrible at answering my messages ( since it always takes a while before I find the will to answer them ). Usually I let a few pile up before I get off my lazy ass and answer them. Being an Introvert sucks, since my communication skills are not the best out there. Thank you very much for your kind words and your watch. I appreciate it. :hug:
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You are more than welcome! :glomp: I too am an introvert so I know exactly what you mean. Online I'm usually better because I have time to calculate my response. In person I'm a bumbling idiot! :D
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Funny enough, online I'm more of an Introvert than I am irl, because irl I try to be social even though I'm not. It's exhausting, lol. Online I stop caring and I'm simply myself. :lmao:
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Lol, I'm myself online too but in real life only those close to me see it really... Online more people see it. :happybounce: 
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Oh my, does it hurt?
looks pretty cool :D
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No it's very old. :P When I got it done it was tingly. The closer it got to the wrist the more sensitive it was. Thanks though, and thank-you for the favourite! :D
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